An adult massage is one that’s aimed for those that are 18 years old and above. It’s a tantric massage that’s intimate and is slowly becoming famous in London, West London and the United Kingdom.


An adult massage is one where the touches are felt in every inch of your skin and can deeply penetrate your soul. Almost everyone wants to be caressed by someone, it’s something that’s rooted deep within us. Our skin tingles when someone touches us, the body feels great pleasure and the muscles loosen up; this shows just how much a single touch could affect someone in a very positive way.

The soul needs constant refreshing and the mind needs to be renewed for creativity to keep flowing; a tantric adult massage is a path to this.

What is an adult massage?

An adult massage is a tantric massage that involves the whole body, even the private areas which are gently stimulated. It’s about feeling pleasure and sexual satisfaction even without sexual intercourse. It can lead to multiple orgasms which can be felt from the toe to the head. An adult massage, therefore, is a whole new way to explore your body and sexuality.

How does an adult massage work?

An adult massage takes place in a private room where both you and the masseuse are naked. It uses techniques that have been developed and practised for a couple of years now. The adult massage masseuse kneads your knotted muscles, and she massages your whole body, including your private parts.

For the whole duration of the London adult massage, the masseuse is in close contact with you. You may touch her back but she may remain passive. If you want a tantric massage service that’s more active, there are other types of tantric massages that are available.

What does adult massage have to do with spirituality?

During a London adult massage session, the touch of the masseuse not just penetrates your body but also your soul. A surge of energy will enter your body as she touches you which will make you feel relaxed. Surrender yourself to her hands and to your body’s pleasure.

An adult massage not only focuses on physicality, it’s something much deeper, a level that’s different yet more pleasurable than sex.

What makes an adult massage different from prostitution?

An adult massage is an erotic type of massage but it does not involve any sexual contact. Furthermore, on adult massage, most participants are passive rather than active. You will be in very close contact with the masseuse and she will stimulate your whole body to increase your sexual energy and spread it throughout your body.

Although we understand that after the arousing experience from an adult massage, sex seems to be the logical ending, it’s not part of the service we offer. We ask you to keep this in mind when booking an adult massage in London, West London and the United Kingdom.

Where can I book an adult massage and how much does it cost?

Adult massages are available in many cities, including London. Even when you are travelling for work, you can experience this type of massage. The cost starts at £200 for a professional adult massage in London. You can book one by visiting our website or getting in touch with us.

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