B2B Massage London has such a sexy element and is a type of tantric massage. It is a journey of pleasure, passion and self-discovery of your whole body and emotions.

Tantra is an oriental ancestral philosophy that means ?interwoven? where body-mind and emotions go together. It focuses its attention on Kundalini energy, igneous energy: essential fuel of the whole body. This bioelectricity is essential to mobilize psychosexual energy. Sound crazy and maybe not what you were expecting?

In Tantric B2B Massage (that means body to body massage) it is special where the giver and receiver are in total presence sharing the same meditative and loving energy. You just need to relax and let go, dip your full sensory awareness into the body-to-body caresses of your beautiful masseuse. Feel all of her naked body connecting with all of your naked body. Intimate, sensual and arousing are the aims of a B2B massage.

A Cult towards the 5 senses, giving maximum attention to the atmosphere, the aromas, the lighting with candles and, above all, to the care of the conscious touch, thus opening to the enjoyment of feeling and observing the complete harmony between your animal impulses, your human desires and your divine desires. This is pure pleasure designed to inflame your arousal and fire your senses.

Bathed in the essence of calm, caressed by sensual hands, enveloping movements that gently run your entire back, subtly awakening every cell in your body, charging your organs with energy, unlocking every knot that prevents the free flow of energy.

You feel like a God or a Goddess, treated with delicacy and special care. It is an unforgettable experience where there is a before and after of your sexuality, since you get to immerse yourself in a world, perhaps, unknown to you.

The authentic tantric b2b massage, performed by a wonderful masseuse who also delights your visual senses, what more could you ask for? A B2B massage is a genital explosion but your erogenous zones are all over your body. It needs to be caressed and explored and worshipped.? The B2B massage is all about bodies interconnecting ? that is the whole global body context ? waking up cell to cell, from the crown to the tip of the toes.

You will have the feeling of having slept eight hours of quality under the mantle of caresses and sublime body-to-body naked massage. And you will reach a peak of pure lustful excitement just for you. No pressure, no demands on the need to perform, just your orgasmic pleasure.

You will understand that ecstasy arises from your guts and not from external elements to you. Lasting ecstasy that is transmitted to your whole being and surroundings. A full-body orgasmic experience can be found.

This state of fullness and calm facilitates psycho-spiritual healing at various levels. Through the connected circular breathing, there is an old, stagnant energy sweep where the mind cannot reach. We release archaic blocks that do not allow the free flow of energy, causing fatigue, insomnia and much more discomfort.


Body to body Massage London

Think of a B2B massage as a secret massage gift you can give yourself, designed to create a state of complete relaxation and eroticism.

It has a classic variety, in whose first half, relaxation and deconstruction maneuvers are carried out. Relaxing and rewarding your physical self with much-needed relaxation. Then it goes to conscious caresses and techniques of Kama Sutra, culminating in a stimulating massage that exalts the senses of the recipient. A B2B massage is more intimate and intense and with the added erotic element it will explode your senses.

Tantric massage is one of the methods for connecting the body and mind to give pleasure to our being. Individuals are a body, to skin, eyes and an infinite capacity to feel; Many centuries ago the Hindus discovered, a set of practices to nourish our sexual health today. The benefits of erotic B2B massages are infinite, it has been proven that through them a huge amount of substances in our body is released, elements transport us to that feeling that moves us away from the daily stress in our lives.

We have evolved to live in an unnatural society, that fact has atrophied our most primitive instincts. Also, as our senses and our body deteriorates over time we feel less and less. A lot of men who lose their pleasure during intimacy with partners is significant. Their mind does not allow them to experience the perfect sexual excitement, which can cause frustrations and stress because they need to feel pleasure. Erotic massages and, especially, tantric massages are the perfect resource to wake up enjoying true excitement in all the cells of your body.

When we receive an erotic b2b massage we feel real relaxation, deep tranquillity is added, this is due to the pleasure we receive and the reaction that our body responds with. By feeling good, our brain releases a valuable amount of endorphins, a substance that produces great happiness. Thanks to this endorphin we can really forget the rest of the world and only concentrate on what happens during that connection of the body and mind.

Enjoy a B2B massage and allow your mind will wake up from a dream that you are in and your body will open the doors to an unknown pleasure. Make your senses fly with this unique service in London. The body will give clarity to the mind. While you can find ideas and your mind and body will truly reconnect.


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