Body to body massage or B2B massage London is a very sensual form of massage therapy. It’s a full body massage where the masseuse not only uses her hand, but her whole naked body to stimulate your senses.

A body to body massage takes your erotic massage journey to a higher level of bodily pleasure. The masseuse makes use of her very smooth, oiled feminine curves to slide gracefully over each inch of your body which excites all the senses in a provocative manner. This intimate B2B massage that uses a slide and glide method brings you to your climax multiple times before the final explosive release. Our body to body massage is one of the most exciting erotic experiences especially if you are someone who craves intimacy. Real human connection is displayed on our body to body massage service and it is conducted in a safe environment by our highly skilled masseuses.

What Happens in a Body to Body Massage?

body to body massage

During a London body to body massage, the masseuse uses her body curves to provide a varying sensual body rubs. She usually uses her thighs, breasts, stomach, feet, and forearms. This goes along with different types of pressure and speed to stimulate your whole body.

This very seductive type of massage spreads pleasure in every inch of your torso alowing you to relax fully and give in to the power of seductive touches. Here at Tantric Massage London UK, we adore the power of nurturing touch to human beings.

Erotic B2B massage promotes a deep connection emotionally and physically. This also increases self-awareness by giving control and opening oneself up to the concept of a full body massage pleasure. You learn more about your body as you discover your new sensual zones.

Benefits of Body to Body Massage


Sensual body rubs contact produces a significant effect on a person’s wellbeing. A touch can create a feeling of trust, it makes a person feel loved and important which boosts happiness levels. This is best seen in newborn babies after they are placed next to their mother?s chest.

As adults, loving touch is something we truly desire and appreciates and if you don’t have a partner, an intimate massage will surely give you all these benefits.

Skin Health

The masseuse uses warm oil during a naked massage which helps them slip and slide over your skin with minimal friction. This gives a heightened sensation and at the same time gives the skin with an all-over moisturizing and treatment. The oil being used causes the skin pores to open which penetrates the epidermis and provide deep hydration. Keeping your skin moisturized is important to avoid dry and flaky skin.

During a body to body massage, you can achieve a skin that feels soft, supple, and silky after each massage.

Blood Circulation

The whole body is stimulated with different type of strokes with adjusting pressures. This pushes the blood around the body moving it through any congested areas. This brings fresh oxygen and healthy blood throughout the body.

Poor blood circulation can cause muscle pains, water retention, dry skin, varicose veins, and fatigue. The squeezing and kneading in an erotic massage can stimulate a sluggish lymphatic system which enhances the circulation of the lymph fluid that carries wastes away from the muscles and internal organs.

Stress Relief

Multiple studies reveal that getting a massage regularly reduces stress and helps the mind and muscles relax. It has a certain effect that reduces the stress hormone and releases oxytocin (also known as the ?love hormone?), which is the same hormone released during an orgasm.


Numerous scientific studies shows that massages promotes a restful sleep. Anxiety and stress can impact sleep quality but because massages promotes relaxation, it reduces stress and helps with emotional relief which then produces a restorative sleep.

Where Can I Book a Body to Body Massage In Central & West London?

body to body massage

The unsurpassed Tantric Massage London in Old Gloucester Street, London releases you from the chains of everyday life, boredom, and social conditioning. Intimate naked massage allows you to feel invigorated and liberated. The element which makes this type of massage so enticing is the intensity and intimacy a skin to skin massage creates. Too often our very busy and modern lifestyle has deprived us of the intimate contact from another individual. The spiritual and emotional benefits a body to body massage unlocks are endless. The masseuse?s personal touch creates an intimate emotional connection that enables her to better determine where there are stress and tension in your body.

Our body to body massage London is performed naked so they can be categorized as a naturist massage. All our friendly and highly-trained masseuses uses a high-quality hypoallergenic massage oil which also serves as a natural lubricant. This type of oil allows the masseuse to glide against your body easily heightening your overall pleasure.

Treat yourself to the intimate pleasure of a body to body massage. All our massages are accompanied with a sensuous massage music as well as an aromatic candle to greatly enhance the ambiance.

Come and enjoy all the intimacies a body to body massage has to offer!

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