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Dark Tantra or Dark Tantric Massage is all about exploring the darker side of your sexuality and sensuality. Tantric Massage is all about exploring sensuality and Dark Tantra helps us to look at all our desires and pleasures and that is not only limited to the light tantric massage.

Our talented masseuses who offer Dark Tantric Massages are skilled at creating a safe space for you to blend the light and dark sides of your erotic world. Working with you to explore your sensual and erotic desires to envelop you in a tantric massage like no other. We call it Twisted Tantra©

Together, you and your masseuse will explore the dark tantra landscape where she will tease and generate a heady pleasure as you venture down the path of dark delight. These Twisted Tantra© massages are for those of you who want to release the dark side and allow you to play with your pleasure in a way that suits you. Our Twisted Tantra© will help you use all your senses to immerse yourself in the erotic, it is a profound experience.

BDSM massage

Where tie & tease massage ends, light BDSM massage begins. Swap the silk for some cuffs, add in a blindfold and we are talking more like it.

BDSM Massage is an erotic trip for those who revel in their naughty side.

Pegging massage

Where prostrate massage stops, we find new and exciting ways to hit the sacred spot. This pegging massage is unique to the Tantric Massage London Team – we will relax you and then ignite your sense with this amazing massage style, are you ready?

Spanking Massage

An erotic massage can become so much more erotic when you explore the dark side of tantra, add a little pain to your massage and submit to the ultimate sensual delight.

Prolong your pleasure and let your tantric mistress instruct you (or you her)!

Mutual Massage

Want to step out of the passive role required for most of our tantric massages? If yes then you will love the mutual massage.

We will show you some moves so you can get your hands on our masseuses. Learn some amazing techniques!

Fantasy (roleplay) massage

Blend your massage time with some intimate role play, tell your masseuse your pleasures, your kinks and your desires and she will adapt the massage to meet your role play preferences.

Minimum 90 minute booking required.


A massage to incorporate what you find the most arousing. Stockings and suspenders, nurses outfit, using some toys?

Tell your masseuse and we can make your massage something beyond amazing!


You will be rewarded with your massage and you will be teased mercilessly unless you are a very well behaved slave. This is an immersive massage experience.

Minimum of 2 hours booking needed.


Want to get in touch with your feminine (guys) or masculine side (girls). The a cross dressing massage could be the perfect kink to make your massage truly memorable.

Can be clothing only of fully integrated role play.

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