Cross Dressing Massage

Cross Dressing Massage

Cross dressing massage is something new. We know that cross dressing tends to be a misunderstood fetish and we’ve amazing masseuses who are sensitive to your needs. Male to female and female to male, this is a role play that runs deep. Some like to wear lingerie and others like to role play in full attire, complete with name and characterisation. Whatever your cross dressing preference you’ll find a warm welcome with our sensitive and sensual masseuses.

What Is Cross Dressing Massage?

It’s a safe space and place where you can play safely and experience that other side of you. While we welcome TS (transexuals) pre and post op and transvestites, the cross dressing community is often overlooked. Whether you’re used to wearing that oh so sexy lingerie or you’re an excited newcomers, then we can help you and have some fun too.

Our service is discrete and professional and will culminate in a thoroughly fantastic tantric massage so you’ll feel like a new man or woman! Our cross dressing massage is an immersive experience so you can relax any way that works for you. And being able to let out that feminine or masculine side is an aid to relaxation all on it’s own! But the tantric massage is a fabulous bonus.

Planning for your Cross Dressing Massage

Some clients may want to prepare and arrive at the massage ready to go. Whether that’s full cross dressed or just with the lingerie / underwear on. The masseuses do not mind. If being in role before you get the the masseuse (or she gets to you) helps then we say, do what feels right for you.

We appreciate that many cross dressing clients will want to visit the masseuse, that’s fine just take a look at which masseuses can offer you that. We do fully understand that sometimes partners don’t know about your preferences. It’s one of the many reasons we offer this private service for you.

cross dressing massage

I Want To Try This But I’m New!

That’s absolutely fine, take your time and come and book some time with a masseuse who can help you during the course of the appointment. Everyone has to start somewhere.

All masseuses are naturally pretty, none judgemental and happy to help. They can maybe even show you some make-up tips. Cross dressing often starts as a desire when we are children. We get away with a lot of “play” but then it’s frowned up when we are adults.

If you have experienced a desire to cross dress then let us help you. There is no need to be embarrassed or anxious. The massage will be the icing on the cake when you really feel able to be yourself. One of the reasons many clients like you visit, is its nice to have a safe haven to play dress up. Home sometimes isn’t possible for many reasons.

Cross over when you come and see your masseuse. The Tantrikas have met cross dressers from every country, every walk of life and every part of society. They’d love to meet you too.


What Is A Cross Dresser?

This is where it can start to be confusing, we have more labels now than ever before. There are things like Pansexual and Gender Fluid newly in our lexicon. But sticking to the basics – cross dressing tends to get mentioned with 3 distinct terms. They tend to get used randomly and even interchangeably and you may have your own views on this. Our views for ease and to save confusion are:

  1. Cross Dresser – someone of either sex who often takes on the appearance of the sex that is opposite to their own. This serves a personal need. It may or may not have erotic elements. It is as unique to the individual as their finger prints.
  2. Transvestite – this is a more Latin based term for a cross dresser. Magnus Hirschfeld created the word transvestite in 1910 (from Latin trans-, “across, over” and vestitus, “dressed”) – this tends to have a more sexual interest in cross-dressing.
  3. Transgender (transexual) – someone who dresses and behaves as a member of the opposite sex due to them not identifying with their birth gender. They tend to believe they are trapped in the wrong gender and would like to transition to the right one.

So you can see the terms 1 & 2 can be easily interchangeable. We just prefer cross dresser as it then welcomes (we hope) anyone.

If you’re transgender, that is also fine, in the same way that the vast majority of cross dressers are heterosexual males, we don’t pass or make judgements. Our masseuses work with transgender clients who are both pre and post op. Everyone should have the chance to enjoy a tantric massage. Whether you have yoni or Lingam, the Tantrikas can help you.

It’s a perfect time to get some support and much needed erotic engagement at a time when you are feeling possibly at your most vulnerable.


Cross Dressing Massages Masseuses

What is it like being a Cross – Dresser?

Great fun should be the answer. Sadly our society is often cruel and not prone to understanding. What we do as kids seems ok, but as adults we can end up being made to feel shame for something that feels totally natural to us. Then having to carry this secret from our loved ones and even not finding a safe place where we can express ourselves. It can lead to high levels of anxiety and sadness. That’s why a good tantric massage can help you enjoy yourself in safe an erotic way.

So through necessity a lot of cross dressers have to be secretive which is a shame as it’s just a part of who you are. There is nothing wrong with you. The desire to cross dress has often been with us for a long time and it’s not likely to go away. Do not feel you have to deny that part of you, it’s your right to expressing yourself. To not do that can lead to emotional trauma.

Many cross dressers say that when they have chance to cross over that it’s a massive stress relief. So whether your just wearing some silky panties to the office or you want to look fully female with make up and a full outfit, lets help you get that tension relief.

How to Cross – Dress

If you want to cross-dress in public its a good idea to do it well. Underwear is rarely an issue. But when you’re fully dressed if that’s your preference, making the cross over look good is half the battle. That then avoids ignorant people who become humiliating or aggressive.  Some people don’t understand and have no desire to learn. You cannot push the tide against itself so it’s best to not attract unwanted attention when it’s avoidable.

There is an art of dressing and moving like someone of the opposite sex. Spending time with a sensual woman who can offer guidance like our masseuses can be a wonderful way to practice. For Female to Male, it tends to be easier, with some height, some stubble and some strapping, it can be quite easy to look the part.

For M/F it can get trickier. There are, if you’re keen to explore, support groups that can guide and help far more than this site. They’ll help with choosing and applying make-up, accessorising and where to get the right clothes style and fit.

Here are a few tips for the newbie M/F Cross dresser.

  1. Only wear high heels when you can walk in them! Teetering around at height draws unwanted attention. This is a skill that some women haven’t mastered!
  2. Avoid sling backs – they seem to be a favourite of some and they rarely look stylish when you’re just starting out.
  3. Practice walking and sitting – don’t over exaggerate. The masseuse can work with you on this and show you step by step. Or watch intently other women and notice the subtly of their movements.
  4. Avoid glitter – cocktail dresses and spangles while pretty draw the eye. This tends to be a newbie mistake. Aim for subtle until you’ve mastered things.
  5. Check online, there are a lot of places where you can get GOOD wigs (emphasis on the good)
  6. Big and tall shops are available for women as well as men. Same as petite men stores for F/M cross dressers.

Many people cannot, or will not, understand why a man should want to dress as a woman, so it’s important that men who do this make as good a job of it as possible.Unfortunately, many guys who cross-dress fail to look very like a real woman. As a result, people snigger when they see them and sometimes act in a very hostile way. Sadly, cross-dressing can provoke violence from stupid and aggressive males.Learning the art of dressing as a woman can make life much easier for a transvestite.Support groups can provide advice on choosing the right clothes and make-up, but start by keeping things simple.Avoid high heels, especially with sling-backs, until you have mastered walking in women’s footwear. And avoid glittery cocktail dresses until you have practised moving, standing and sitting as a woman.Some shops specialise in supplying women’s clothing and shoes in men’s sizes and in helping men to perfect their female look. Many sell a good range of wigs.As a general rule, shop in a place that is liberal and accepting of different lifestyles. Clearly, if you live in a small town, you will excite comment if you shop for yourself in the local women’s shoe or dress shop.

Cross Dressing – The Law

Cross – dressing is not an offence in the UK, even under the recent Sexual Offences Act of 2003, which contains a seemingly inexhaustible list of sexual misdemeanours. Nor is it illegal in most other western countries – though you could run into serious problems in many developing nations and the Middle East. Thirty years ago it was quite common for the British police to arrest a man who dared to go out in a dress.It is now generally accepted that if a man encounters the police while dressed as a woman he is as entitled as any other law-abiding citizen to courtesy and consideration


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