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Fetish massage is an all encompassing massage that fits your particular kink when nothing else does. We can give you some ideas of common fetishes that we can cater to but we are also open to hearing about what you would like included in your massage. No creative writing could cover all fetishes and we would not insult you by trying to.

What Is A Fetish Massage?

It’s anything and everything that turns your sexual dial up, whatever you think of as being erotic. We’ve a section covering other dark tantra massages like bondage (tie & tease), BDSM, Role Play, Foot worship and spanking; so this massage is for anything that is outside of those boxes.

It’s all about you and your individual kinkiness and don’t take that as a negative, we know kinky is fun. We welcome the kinky. Just bear in mind, this is not an escort site, this is still all about tantric massages. We simply add in some other elements to enhance your massage experience.

We are the creators of Twisted Tantric© and we pride ourselves as being innovators rather than imitators. Also bear in mind – this type of Fetish Massage is for our luxury guests and check the minimum times needed to get the maximum delight from your massage.


Types of Fetishes That Can Be Incorporated Into Massage

Please see the detail at the bottom or this page for what we DON’T offer. That’s as important as what we do offer. We are a massage agency so this list of fetishes is FETISH MASSAGES. A tantric massage is still at the heart of what we offer.

Here’s a quick Fetish List of things we can help with and if you’re not sure please ask. Again we do request you are respectful of the reception staff. They are there to help and book, they are NOT masseurs or masseuses. They’ll guide you but they won’t be able to drop into great details, much of it they’ll clear with the masseuse and then you need to have  conversation with the masseuse at the time of your booking.

Types Of Fetishes – Examples Of What Works Well In Massage

Gimps and gags are easily incorporated into a massage play for you.

We can get a really good mistress to apply some humiliation to the massage for you if that rocks your boat. Impact play can be used, it’s more than light bondage as we can add in some light whipping and flogging but the emphasis is on the word light.

The Tantric team get asked and booked for foot fetish massages but if hands are your thing, we have some masseuses who can offer an amazing hand based massage (Quirofilia).

Want to uncover your feminine (or for ladies masculine) side, then how about a wonderful cross dressing massage? We can make it a complete role play if you wish or you can just wear the clothes. Whichever you prefer.

Would you like to play master and servant (slave)? we can certainly get that into any good tantric massage for you.

Voyeurism is a great fun and for a couple can add something different to a couples massage with one partner only watching, no massage involvement. Or maybe you’d like to take control and direct the masseuse, especially when it comes to the lingam or yoni massage. That leads us into denial fetish, think like the tie and tease but dial the denial up a few notches. Who knows if you’ll be allowed to reach that happy ending at all?

Age play can be interesting, baby, schoolboy or schoolgirl, it can be attire only or full role play. Let us know and we’ll do what we can to make your Fetish Massage the most fun it can be.

Fetish Massages London

Fetishes We DON’T Offer

This is important. Tantra is about connectivity and love.  Pretty much anything within reason can be incorporated into a Fetish Massage. We operate under what is termed “light fetish”. We know that most fetishes start as a sexual subculture and there are clubs, events and escorts that cater to that market far better than we can.

If you’re looking for a light fetish massage then 90% of the time we can help but if it’s sex or serious fetish then use a club, group or an escort.

By light fetish that simply means we don’t work at extreme levels – ever. So no heavy BDSM, extreme pain, affixation, Coprophilia as such things would not be possible, or appropriate in a tantric massage. The fetish world typically refers to this as heavy fetish or Edge play. We do not offer ANY edge play, no breath play, knife play, blood, piercing, weapons play or non consensual / consensual games.

If you’re not sure, just remember, tantra is control and release, it’s erotic and sensual. If you ask and we say no, it’s a no. Please don’t be offended but this is always tantric massage first.



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