SPanking Massage

Spanking Massage

Spanking Massage – yes, it’s a real tantric massage and there are things you might want to know about spanking. First of all: spanking can be a really interesting method to let go and take pleasure in an extreme physical and psychological release. It’s an erotic act when spanking an adult. This can improve enjoyment and physical feelings; boost adrenalin, endorphins, and oxytocin; it’s safe, fun and let us straddle the line between pleasure & pain. As a tantric massage, it can help boost intimacy and bonding. Adult “spanking” is somewhat like a special bed room activity, scientists state that the act of spanking can create stress and tension relief. This can happen due to it being a tension release and an escape from self-awareness and compulsive thinking – it can give us time to get out of our heads and just “feel”.

What Is Tantric Spanking Massage?

A Tantric Spanking Massage is a kind of spanking where the objective is psychological pleasure instead of penalty or punishment. It is certainly developed to satisfy you rather than harm you. It is now readily available as a part of a tantric treatment massage in Central London. We have two types of spanking Massage – Active (you spank a masseuse), Passive, (the masseuse spanks you.)

Obviously the sensation of either remaining in control (the spanker) or being in control (the individual getting spanked), becomes even more pleasurable when you are experiencing spanking massage with a professional masseuse. This tantric massage motivates individuals to let go of their inhibitions. We might have to be in control in our daily life so being allowed and encourage to be submissive can truly be a liberating sensation.

This power play is safe and sexy, add to it the actual massage elements, that can be focused on the bottom of all over your body as a mix or reward and gently punishment, you can start to feel how erotic and intoxicating this mix is. Sometimes our partners and lovers may not understand this need to let go and how that little bit of pain can be so sensual. However, your masseuse does and she’s here to make sure you spanking massage is something to savour and enjoy.

Spanking Massage Is Popular!

It is frowned on when disciplining children but spanking is presently a super-popular, super-sexy technique of “gentle punishment” between 2 consenting adults. It’s one of the most “The spanking spectrum” covers a great deal of ground. At one end are the spirited taps you do from time to time, and at the other end is “power play” (when someone– the top/dominant– strikes another– the bottom/submissive– for sexual satisfaction). However whether you’re a newbie spanker or an effective dominant who wishes to leave a handprint on your submissive, here’s the best ways to do it respectfully … and sexily.

Tip 1: Spanking boundaries

An erotic way of spanking is done on the bottom. It’s somewhat safe to do it anywhere with muscle and fat just like the booty. So keep away from the sides of the body, due to the fact that it’s more unpleasant. You must likewise prevent spanking a location that is not safeguarded by fat or muscle. This can be the kidney location, neck, joints, and the tailbone and hip bones.

It’s down to your personal preference whether you wanna be spanked in the naked bottom or over clothing. So make sure to let your masseuse know what you like. Some clients like to start through the boxers or briefs, then have them yanked down for skin on skin action!

Spanking Massage London

Tip 2: Spanking strength & accessories

Spanking is the act of striking (typically the bottom) of another individual to trigger momentary discomfort. It usually includes a single person striking the bum of another individual with an open hand. Spanking is described as slapping or smacking when an open hand is used.

This usually does not produce physical injury. But there are serious types of spanking, such as paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching, can trigger injuries. So if you’d like to check out more severe aspects than open hand spanking (or possibly a soft paddle), then please take a look at our BDSM Massage or Mistress Massage as that might be preferable for you. We do have very skilled and open minded tantric masseuses who can cater with their Twisted Tantric© Massages. However, we need to ensure you’re choosing the right masseuse for your massage and play.

Your tantic masseuse will work with you when beginning the spanking, she will then ask if you want it harder or softer. She’ll begin with light slaps and she will be attuned to your spoken and unspoken reactions to your spanking. It’s all about understanding your preferred strength. As the spanking continues, you may want to change the strength – harder or softer and that’s also fine.

Tip 3: Level up with equipment.

If you’re brand-new to spanking massage then it’s advised begin with hands only. Skin-to-skin contact is excellent for tantric massage and spanking massage is no exception. It creates a deeper connection between you and your tantrika. However if you do wish to level up and be spanked with things, just let your masseuse know. She’ll make sure you can have some fun with things like wooden spoons, paddles or similar.

Tip 4: Don’t forget aftercare.

Tantric spanking is like any light BDSM gameplay and can be both mentally and physically extreme due to the spikes of adrenaline and endorphins launched. Often, after tantric spanking or any BDSM massage experience, you might experience an emotional come-down. BDSM connoisseurs are open about “aftercare”, which merely suggests being aware of mood dips. It’s a good idea (we are not kidding) to have some chocolate as it can recharge any depleted oxytocin levels. Finishing a good tantric massage is a wonderful way to release natural endorphins and finish the erotic massage natural high.

It’s simple to spank securely, just stick to the ass and begin with your hands. So just talk with your masseuse throughout the session and relax and let go, this is your time. Just remember, an exceptionally hot tantric masseuse will be touching, feeling, holding, squeezing, gently kneading, and erotically spanking your bottom. She will typically begin gradually and carefully. She will then build strength slowly with an intent to look after, love, and satisfy your arse.

Tantric Spanking Massage 

The essence of Tantric spanking is the procedure of Transference and Transformation of Inhibitors. An inhibitor is viewed or thought of as a resistor to knowledge(in some cases called “blockers”). It consist of sensations of agitation, isolation, stress and anxiety, regret, discontentment, selfishness and other daily impulses incompatible with a peaceful and calming life. Many varies of differing strength and might be biochemically based. Inhibitors of both the spanker and the spankee are attended to simultaneously throughout Tantra spanking sessions. This can be changed into favourable energies by methods of Transference, and this can be achieved through the ritualized spanking of bottoms.

A Tantra spanking session typically includes 3 to 9 spanking cycles depending on experience. Male, females and couples are more than welcome. This Slow Sensual spanking massage is made with an objective to surprise and pleasure your body. You will experience whole-body spanking satisfaction. You are alleviated  of all pressure to perform. this is about just being present and giving yourself over to sensations. You can walk the personal line you have between pleasure and pain.

Active Spanking Massage

We have two types of spanking massage – Active and Passive. Passive is where you, the client are submissive and enjoying the delights of being spanked as an integral part of your spanking Massage.

The other is where you are active, this is where you are the spanker rather than the spankee. Please note, this is a rather unique massage and the contact is GENTLE. It is open handed only and the masseuse will provide a safe word that she will use to maintain and monitor intensity.

Safe words are obligatory for anything that includes striking or striking a masseuse. With BDSM play such as spanking, asking and grumbling can be filthy talk that’s part of the action. So the masseuse will choose a word that’s totally out of the erotic context. This can be anything the masseuse chooses and you must take action on hearing this (whether that stopping, slowing down, or relieving intensity.)

Active spanking massage is ONLY available to clients who have used Tantric Massage London before. If it’s you’re first time with us, then we respectfully request you try another massage first.

Book your spanking massage today, check out the Tantrikas above who are skilled in this erotic tantric massage. Check if they offer active, passive or both prior to booking please.

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