FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are an experienced client who revels in the delight of an adult sensual massage or a new comer to tantric massages, you are likely to have some questions and our FAQs are here to help. If anything is not covered in the FAQs then please feel free to call us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable receptionists.

How to make an appointment?
Please call our office with the following details:
Your name, full address with postcode and your phone number
Your preferred time for the massage session
Choose your masseuse
After taking your details, our receptionist will book an appointment for you.
We respect your confidentiality, this is why your personal details are for verification purposes only and never kept in our records or shared with the third parties.
How much time in advance do you need to make an appointment
Depending on your location we may offer you an appointment at 40-60 minutes notice, given in advance. Please note if you select a specific masseuse it may take longer than 1 hour to get to you, London is a busy metropolis and we cannot control the traffic as you can imagine! We do take advance bookings.

I don’t want to give my personal details, why do you ask?
Your privacy is guaranteed this is a confidential service. We only ask for information for your identity prior to the booking. This is for your own and the masseuses security. telephone numbers and personal details ate not stored once the booking is completed. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Where will my massage take place?
Our masseuse will come to you in your central London hotel room or private residence; by contrast we may also offer you an in-call service, if you would prefer to come to us. Please make an inquiry on the reception for more details. We are not a massage parlour, some masseuses (we call then Tantrikas) offer massages at their luxury apartments that are dotted around central London.

What sort of payments do you accept?
For your convenience and confidentiality, we only accept cash payments, paid prior to your massage session, directly to your masseuse. Please, be advised that we do not accept cheques or credit/debit cards.

Is there any possibility that I may have more than massage?
Strictly no. In contrast with the escort agencies we only provide Tantric massage service, please do not be mislead by the nude content of the website. This is an erotic massage so you will be gratified and aroused.

Is there any discount scheme?
We do apologise but being a London superior massage agency, we always try to keep our name at the top of the list and never compromise neither on prices nor quality of service. This is a high quality and luxury service with beautiful and talented Tantrika’s. It is well worth the investment in the time being spent for this relaxing yet arousing experience. We do offer 30 minute bookings with some of the masseuses as this has been increasingly requested when time and funds are a consideration. Check our pricing page for details. Please note, not all masseuses are available.

Are the pictures of the masseuses genuine?
Every picture is checked and approved by our member of staff and renewed after a period of time, which gives us confidence to guarantee they are genuine and recent.

In case I do not like the masseuse when she arrives, can I send her back?
If for some reason, our stunning girl does not please your taste, you may cancel the booking or ask for replacement by paying 50GBP cancellation fee, which compensates her travel costs.

Can I cancel the booking last minute? In case something urgent turns up?
You may, but 50GBP cancellation fee will apply, as most likely masseuse will be on her way to you. This payment can be taken over the phone.

Do I have to provide any massage equipment, or masseuse will bring it herself?
You do not need to bother yourself with anything, your expert masseuse will bring all necessities with her, you just take a shower and wait patiently before she arrives. Relax and prepare to be pampered.

Do I need any special preparation for my massage session?
The only thing is required is to take a shower and switch your mobile on silent mode. Please also warm up the room for an optimal temperature (23-25 C) so you will feel comfortable when undressed.

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