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Happy Ending Massage London

A happy ending massage is a cultural term that originated in Asia and referred to a massage that was done typically but then an extra part of the massage was offered. This happy ending meant ending the massage with hand stimulation to the point of orgasm.

There are many kinds of treatments in Tantric Massage London UK, but erotic massage with happy ending is one of our clients’ favourites. Without a doubt, you end up with a feeling of total relaxation and eliminate all the tensions with which you live on a day-to-day basis.

It is important to go to select a masseuse from an authentic and reputable agency where true specialists of massage work. Otherwise, you will be exposing your body and your health to more important problems than you already have.

Massage therapists specialising in providing pleasure

When requesting a massage with a happy ending you don’t have the discomfort in asking for the extra element, it’s already included and that saves a lot of awkward conversations. You can also ask for anything you’d like to help you reach the happy ending in a way that pleases you. Obviously, the masseuse has a process they follow, using erotic and tantric massage in their work, but you can always share different ideas and requests  to make the treatment as rewarding as possible .

Happy Ending Massage London – Book a happy ending London massage and avoid any confusion with what the massage includes, it is one of the main reasons we promote this service as it stops needless confusion. A tantric massage in London offers you the ultimate erotic massage service and it’s suitable for men, women and couples.

We like to put ourselves in the client’s place to know how to maximise the positive effects of our massages , since this way we guarantee that you end the massage satisfied and delighted. The masseuse is equally satisfied knowing that the massage has been rewarding for you and she appreciates that it has been a job well done.

In this way, the communication between client and masseuses is crucial. This will help avoid causing the treatment to become something mechanical, since the contact of a woman with a man never should be. It’s intimacy and eroticism at it’s finest.

We are a luxury and expert tantric massage team, the price is an investment in your physical pleasure. Many of us allocate much of what we have to materialistic needs that do not fulfill us, but only make us keep turning the wheel of consumerism and capitalism. The erotic (happy ending) massages are totally the opposite: welcome to a healthy and natural way to feel at ease and rewarded for everything you do .

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Benefits Of Massages With A Happy Ending

Happy Ending Massage London – Although it may seem obvious, massages are a highly recommended treatment by health specialists, since they act in a non-invasive way. Instead of resorting to drugs with side effects, either short or long term, many medical professionals say that this is an equal or more effective therapy without having to consume chemical products .

In that sense, choosing erotic massages is a wise choice and, in the case of choosing Tantric Massage London UK for incall our outcall massages, it’s a safe bet. The ability of our professionals to provide well-being to clients is well documented and you can our reviews for further proof and assurances.

Our experience in this sector allows us to have the best masseuses and know all the secrets to create the ideal environment to elevate the benefits of a tantric massage for you .

In short, from here we encourage you to book a tantric massage with us, to experience in person the advantages offered by massages with a happy ending. Anyone who has tried them knows how wonderful the experience is for both your health and your sexual satisfaction. So try with us for an experience that you will never forget.

Types of Massage That Give A Happy Ending

Although there is a wide variety of sexy, adult massages, the two best known are yoni massage and lingam massage (the first is focused, though not exclusively, on the female genital area and male the second massage), of which we have already spoken in depth in other articles.

Another technique of the usual tantric massage consists of the body to body , using to massage the own body of the person who performs the massage on the body of the person who receives it, always through rhythmic movements.

The feet can also be used in the tantric massage to massage the other person, although it requires good mastery of the technique.

When carrying out the massage with the hands, one of the techniques used, mainly in areas where there are muscles such as thighs or buttocks, is based on kneading. This is done  with the thumb and the rest of the fingers of the hand, kneading on one side of the body then the other. As always through slow movements. But remember, the masseuses will use more than just their hands!

Another technique that produces a lot of pleasure, especially in the feet and the palms of the hands, consists of a type of massage making circular movements with half of the fingers, having closed the fist.

Get creative! Tell your Tantrika what it is you like and let her weave that into the massage for you.

What Is Included In A Happy Ending Massage?

Happy Ending Massage London – Some people have doubts about what exactly an erotic massage service like Tantric Massage London Uk is and that can make you cautious about trying this amazing nude massage. These tantric services are often confused with other places related to the world of sex.

So many people think that an erotic massage is the same as a hostess club or an escort service. However, this is a mistake, because in reality it has nothing to do with the other. While it is true that, in practice, some places advertise massages to conceal prostitution, but then we would be talking about something else and not a true erotic massage.

Eroticism versus explicit sex

We could compare it with the difference between the erotic and the sexually explicit or pornographic. That is to say, an agency offering erotic massages, as its name indicates, would be pure eroticism and sensuality, where evidently erotic sensations arise through the massages and there can be sexual pleasure and orgasm, although that is not the ultimate goal. But the main difference with a hostess club or brothel is that there is no explicit sex.

When booking a sensual massage you can expect relaxation, the connection with their body, excitement and eroticism … but in no case is the place you book if you just want sex.

What practices?DO take place during an Erotic Massage?

  • Body to body contact:?There is a very pleasant type of massage. This is usually though of most with the Nuru massage, in which the person giving the massage uses their body to rub against yours. This skin to skin contact us helped to glide by using a thick and sticky specialist gel. You can also do something similar using soap suds with an Aqua / Spay massage. Also the masseuse can use massage oil to enable body to body massage glide Nudity:?Client and masseuse can be completely naked (as happens, for example, in the massages discussed above). Interaction:?Some massages allow the interaction of mutual caresses between client and masseuse. Ask if you are looking to book a mutual massage so we can select the correct masseuse for you. Genital stimulation:?The Lingam and Yoni massages involve the stimulation of the intimate area of the man and the woman, respectively.

What Is Not Included In A Typical Tantric Massage

  • Oral sex:?In no case, the person giving the massage stimulates the client’s genitals with his mouth. Penetration:?There is no type of genital penetration.

In an erotic massage, usually, you must make an appointment and choose the type of service you want,?always within those offered by the agency.?If someone wants a different type of service, the establishment will indicate to the client that this type of service is not offered or give them some options about personalising the service.

Please remember, always call and book an appointment to get the most from your London Happy Ending Massage. We are a booking service and not a massage parlour / massage parlour but we can usually arrange a time for you within an hour.

We have masseuse who can offer Asian massage and European massage services. It is important not to forget that people who work in an erotic massage are not prostitutes or sex workers, but professionals specialised in erotic and tantric massages.?No one should think that by offering more money the masseuse will access other types of services that are not offered, since their expertise is beyond that.

An erotic massage is for those who like erotic and sensual massages, caresses, contact in their own body from the hands of those who perform the massage and, of course, to relax in a very careful and quiet environment .?If that is what you want, go ahead!?Seriously….don’t wait to try it!

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