A sensual intimate massage in London, as the name suggests, is a type of tantric massage that focuses on sexual contentment with the use of tantric techniques, although it goes far past beyond just the sexual satisfaction.

A lot of our sensual intimate masseuses in London are unbiased, so you can ask any questions you have for her about the massage. During the intimate massage though, we want you to be completely submerged in your own pleasure and we advise you to connect with your masseuse by either doing breathing exercises with her or spending a few minutes getting to know each other before the massage.


Does sensual intimate massage in London normally result in a happy ending or orgasm? That, for a number of the customers, is the goal, so the tantric masseuse will be with you on your trip to attain the preferred outcomes.

A sensual massage is a massage session executed either in a massage table or a bed with an environment that is set-up to help you feel more relaxed and at ease. Sex-related enjoyment and happy ending can be expected but it is not the main goal of the massage. It can be performed in your house or hotel room (outcall) where the masseuse comes and sees you, or you can go to the masseuse at their high-end homes (referred to as Incall).

If you want to enjoy eroticism without sex, then sensual intimate massage is for you. A lot of our customers gave us feedback that they’ve enjoyed their sensual massage experience even without having sex afterwards. Your pleasure is our priority so rest assured that your experience will open up the doors to a new kind of sexual experience.

The Lingam and Yoni are not massaged at the very beginning, the masseuse usually leaves these areas for the end so as to take you to a complete tantric experience. The nature of a complete sensual intimate massage in London is to tease, tantalise and involve all your body for you to have an unforgettable experience.


Our intimate massage masseuses are not just regular girls, they are trained specialists. They recognize your needs and can offer you one of the best sensual massages in London that anyone has to offer. This can help you in the areas of your life like your sex drive and overall wellbeing.

Sensual intimate massage is based on physicality and satisfaction and absolutely nothing else apart from this creates a longer and deeper connection with your partner. Your masseuse will gather all the details that she needs to immensely improve the massage session and understand your needs much better. Once your masseuse knows this, your sensual massage in London will be one that’s unforgettable.

You must also recognize the distinction between a tantric specialist, a sexual masseuse and an escort. Each one of them offers a different type of service and make sure you pick one that best suits your needs.


A sensual massage in London is a complete body massage experience and has to do with health and relaxation. At the heart of sensual massage in London is where the masseuse is devoted to you during the session and strives for your satisfaction. A sensual intimate massage is not a race, it doesn’t need to be hurried so take your time and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it. Unwind and experience fully the whole sensual massage experience.

Penetrative sex is not part of a sensual massage in London. Nonetheless, it does have a great deal of sensualism in it as the name would suggest. Intimate massage therapy is executed when both the masseuse and you are totally naked. The purpose of being naked is to help the masseuse in moving sensualism throughout the areas of your body easily. It calls for an overall excitement of all the sensual  areas in your body. The procedure finishes in either one climax or in several climaxes.


Sensual Massage has to do with using sexual techniques in pleasing your biggest sensual body organ… no… not that, we are talking about your skin! When you touch the skin on a sensual degree, it can substantially bring about sex-related excitement. The masseuse uses different techniques to awaken the thousands of nerve endings on your skin to rekindle your excitement when it comes to sexual activities.

As the intimate massage session is beginning, the masseuse will touch every part of your skin. Usually, an sensual massage begins with you facing down on your belly. As we said in the past, it includes having your body being touched all around. That will also include your penis (Lingam) or your vaginal canal (yoni) in addition to the testicles and the busts.

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