Lingam is an ancient term which means ?penis?. A lingam massage lets a man enjoy a whole new level of pleasure. What?s good about this type of massage is that both parties get to enjoy its benefits because for this to be done correctly, you need to give in to your feelings, emotions, and sensations.

Many people believe that lingam massage is just about the masseuse arousing you and immediately bringing you to your climax. This could be true but there?s more to it in Tantric Massage London. Our masseuses have a very spiritual and affectionate approach to lingam massage. For them, this is about connecting with their partner through sensual touching.


We believe that it is a need for our body to be touched and nourished as it brings about pleasure and at the same time, healing to the body. Lingam massage shouldn?t be confused with foreplay. The aim of this massage is to relax your body while prolonging the pleasure of your body through a set of erotic touches and strokes. The first few strokes focuses on releasing back and muscle tension. Once you are fully relaxed, our masseuses will then awaken the private parts of your body by using different tantric techniques. Lingam massage is just a part of your tantric massage experience.

Lingam massage has endless benefits to your health and body. One is being able to have control over your ejaculation where deep breathing plays a vital role. The masseuse will bring you close to your climax a lot of times. She will then lead you to some breathing techniques which will soften the phallus then she will resume with the sensual massage. Going into climax a couple of times during a lingam massage can unblock any tension that is built up inside your body and you will be brought to an erotic bliss.



The first requirement to an enjoyable lingam massage experience is a safe place which should make you comfortable and vulnerable for you to be able to let go and give in to the deep pleasure of an erotic massage.

Sound and Ambiance

Soft music and lighting is important in setting the mood in a tantric massage experience. Lighted candles can also work together with these two. We make sure the candles we use matches your sense of smell.

Massage Oil

Warm oil is good for the skin as it creates the friction needed for the lingam massage. Plain oil is what?s good for the skin but you can opt in for a scented oil for a much better experience.

Body Temperature

Warmth is important in this type of massage. Our masseuses will first warm you up so you can relax and enjoy the erotic ride that you are about to indulge in.


Many men experience lingam massage for the first time and most of them are not really sure how to respond. You may have an erection during the massage but this is just normal. Our masseuses will do their best to make you feel comfortable and will guide you all the way.



Lingam massage in London is a liberating and healing experience you should never miss. This massage will leave you in an erotic bliss and will surely heighten all your senses.

Our masseuses in Tantric Massage London are experts and they always strive in creating the perfect atmosphere for your London tantric massage experience. We understand that lingam massage is more than just a sexual experience. It?s a time where energy flows and both you and the masseuses feel as though you are both in sync.

The lingam massage we offer removes built up toxins from your body. Once it?s cleared, your health is surely improved physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Your masseuse will maintain a flowing connection with you throughout the massage duration, you will surely experience intense pleasure.

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