Tantric massage is a kind of sensual, immersive experience. It’s aim is to harness the body’s sexual energies for healing and relaxation in nearly all other aspects of life. It incorporates genital stimulation and breathing techniques along with a complete body to body massage. Hence promoting complete relaxation of the body and mind and bringing you to a state of total bliss. That will leave you feeling more confident and happier in your daily life. This will also encourage a healthier expression of your sexuality.

Many people mistake tantric and tantra massage for being a sexual service. Although the experience is very arousing and erotic, the aim is to use the sexual energies of your body. This promote wellbeing and healing in all aspects of your life instead of providing pleasure only. Sexual energy is a very powerful force, with tantric massage being among the easiest ways of harnessing it. Making it emotionally and sexually self-aware and more confident and relaxed.

History and Origins

For over 9,000 years, people have been practicing tantra. But it was only fairly recently that is was developed into a type of massage technique. It started in the East, as part of the overall Vedic tradition. Practitioners achieved spirituality levels by using this kind of meditation. Tantric Massage uses a manual therapy to stimulate pleasure and relaxation within the body and mind. The goal is to achieve a similar stage of consciousness and self-awareness.

Tantric massage was initially developed during the 1980’s in Germany. Later on, Annie Sprinkle, a famous American sex educator developed Yoni (vagina/vulva), while Joseph Kramer developed Lingam (phallus).

Like Tantric, tantra massage is split into receiving and giving. These are fairly strict roles in both massage and tantric sex – with the recipient having to surrender themselves completely to the giver pleasuring them. In that way, they are able to experience the pleasure provided by the massage. Without having be anxious with reciprocating and being able to focus on the heightened sense of their own individual sensuality.

So What Makes The Massage ‘Tantric’?

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Tantra is an art that is thousands of years old. This technique enables tow individuals to unlock and complete the erotic, deep power of both of their two bodies. Literally, it means the weaving and expansion of energy and focuses on breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation to accomplish a higher consciousness that uses sexual energy. When it comes to tantric sex, it is all about your partner being worshiped as a deity. People are also encouraged to treat their lovemaking and each other with reverence.

Your mind is in its quietest state during orgasm – that is the goal of most forms of meditation.  A majority of individuals discover tantric sex to be a nearly religious experience. This weaves their spirituality within their body’s energies and allows them to completely present in each moment that it occurs. You might have heard that tantric sex is a type of technique that increases staying power. Truthfully, extended lovemaking resulting from tantric sex is basically a happy by-product of the major ritual.

Stay Aroused

If you stay aroused for over 30 minutes or so, you will start experiencing the transcendent state. During ordinary sex, the state is fleeting and just occurs during orgasm. The state during tantric sex persists throughout. It is that state that is induced and sustained by a tantric.

Tantric combined the techniques of massage and tantra that creates an experience that isn’t about sex. But instead aims to calm and relax the body and mind while creating a sensual and arousing experience that is quite similar to Tantra. This unlocks emotional blockages and sexual potential to promote wellbeing and confidence. Although the massage isn’t about sexuality, it can help you harness your orgasm’s incredible power and controls it more finely. This allows you to use this power in all other aspects of your life.

Tantric sex is all about helping your body relax. So that it can allow sexual energies inside of you to flow very freely. Part of this relaxation comes from breathing techniques. A combination of breathing techniques and body to body massage by tantric. This will completely relax the body and mind and allows for the surging of sexual energy.

Over Time Tantric Massage Has Continued To Develop

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As tantric massage moved from the East to the West, it started to take on new aspects. Was used mainly in the East as a type meditation technique. However, in the West, it is also used for medical reasons. That may include healing from trauma, that helps with self-esteem or anxiety issues or even to improve your sex life and embrace sexuality. Men, in particular, may benefit from learning to embrace their own sexuality. This massage can also provide great benefits to women as well since they can relax and enable themselves to be provided pleasure without having to worry without needing to perform.

Wellbeing and Health Benefits

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A Tantric massage offers huge health benefits – in addition to the relaxation provided by a general massage and also you will experience increased sexual confidence. Problems like premature ejaculation may be greatly helped by this kind of massage. Thus after multiple sessions, you will discover that your prowess and confidence have skyrocketed. You will learn breathing techniques that will help you better control your orgasm, and they can also increase the intensity and sensuality of your lovemaking.

Since Tantric massage is highly therapeutic, it can help you get to know yourself much better. That will give you the ability to better overcome self-esteem and emotional problems, which are frequently the cause of sexual dysfunction. Also, you will discover that you seep much more deeply and better. This will help your body to be able to heal itself after the effects of your massage are long gone. If you have any problems with stress, Tantric massage can help you with that as well. It will make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed in between your sessions.

Tantric massage, along with these benefits, also can help with pain relief, through soothing away your daily aches and pains. It also can help with boosting your immune system, which will make you less susceptible to illnesses such as colds. If during your massage you reach climax, that has benefits of its own. This will release feel-good hormones into your body which will keep you in a buoyant state for hours after your session as ended.

A Tantric massage, in addition to being very pleasurable, can also provide your confidence with a major boost, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Also, it can help you become reconnected with your spirituality and emotions.

What You Can Expect When You Get A Tantric Massage From Us

Our Girls

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Our beautiful girls are waiting and ready to introduce you to the world if incredible sensual satisfaction – with each girl having her very own specialties. Please tell us if there is anything, in particular, you would like to experience so that we can match you up with the ideal masseuse for you. Whichever kind of tantric massage that you select, your masseuse will be using her entire body to fully relax you as well as to induce a heightened state of sensual and sexual awareness.

Our girls are all professional and friendly, in addition to being beautifully presented and discreet. Your masseuse will come to your hotel conservatively dressed, ready to slip out of her clothes in order to reveal her beautiful curves. And she will use the highest quality of massage oil on you and hers too heighten all of the sensations experienced by your body as she enables her naked body to easily slide over yours. If you wish please feel free to talk ahead of time what you are comfortable with and need. Your masseuse will be using her entire body to stimulate and massage all areas of your body, to bring you to heights of intense arousal and a totally relaxed and pure bliss state.

When receiving a tantric massage you have to completely surrender yourself to this experience, and enable you to receive pleasure passively. Your duty is to be completely present within the moment, receive, and experience every feeling as it occurs. Don’t attempt to reciprocate, but simply let your body and mind feel pleasured.

Our Male clients

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There is the option for our male clients to have a lingam massage, and that is a body to body massage the incorporates the phallus being massaged. Lingam means penis and also ‘Staff of Light’ in Sanskrit. The phallus is a very important energy centre inside of the body, and frequently is one that is neglected. With a lingam and full body massage, your masseuse will help you harness this incredible well of resources that are inside of yourself and demonstrate how you can use it in order to become more confident and stronger in your daily life, in addition, to improve sexual prowess and confidence. That is the very heart of Tantra: to use your sexual energy in order to improve other aspects of your life rather than just releasing it.

Inside of you is stored a well of amazing power that a majority of individuals are not ever able to tap into. However, a lingam and full body massage can help you get in touch with this power. Majority of the people who discovered this, experiences a rush of emotion when their masseuse unlocks this energy. Just allow yourself to experience this along with everything else that is part of the tantric erotic massage that is provided by our girl.

The Masseuse

Your experienced and skilled masseuse will use her entire body to stimulate every single inch of your body and will use several manual techniques for stimulating your phallus. You may or may not experience an erection – either way, that isn’t important, since there isn’t any wrong or right way to experience a lingam massage. Don’t worry about how your body reacts to your massage, but since just simply allow yourself to enjoy it.

During the massage you might reach climax – while that isn’t the aim of your massage, at times an orgasm is the only way for your body to express the energy building up. Allow this to occur, since the aim of massage is to help unblock any sexual energies that are stuck ad enable them to freely flow, and a full-body orgasm is often included. However, tr to not anticipate this, since if you focus on that it will mean you will miss what is occurring in the moment. Allow your body to experience the amazing sensations as they occur.

This kind of massage can help you embrace your sexuality fully, instead of being a slave to it. That will help you become reconnected with your masculinity and also become more confident and stronger in your daily life. Allow one of our girls come to you and show you how you can relinquish control for one or two hours; allow yourself to take charge and give in to the pleasure. AS her oiled, sumptuous curves glide across your body, she will help to unlock inside of you a wonderland of sensual bliss, confidence, relaxation, and peace.

Female clients

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Our female clients can also experience the wonders provided by tantric massage, with yoni and full body massage. Yoni means vulva or vagina in Sanskrit and the literal translation means ‘Sacred Portal.’ Your masseuse, in addition to a full body to body massage, will help you with getting in touch your entire sensual self via stimulation of your vulva and massage. She will discuss your options with you ahead of time so that there are not any surprises, and you let her know precisely what you are and are not comfortable with.

The goal is to clear up any stuck energies that are held inside of the vulva. This’ll enable you to know your body and yourself better. You’ll also have a more clear understanding of what you need and want from your own sexual partners. Also, it can help you become more confident and relaxed in your daily life. In addition, to promote your emotional wellbeing. During your massage you might notice yourself becoming emotional – that’s expected, natural, and perfectly normal. So just let yourself feel anything you are feeling whether pushing it away or focusing on it way too much. That’s simply the experience of your massage doing its jobs. Thus helps you reconnect within a safe environment with your buried emotions. Yoni massage is often a very healing experience – so allow yourself to feel everything within the moment, and be provided with healing and pleasure at the same time.

Reach Climax

Similar to our male clients, you may reach a climax during your massage. Although it’s not the goal of the massage, it’s definitely very common, although not all female clients experience it. If you do, just allow this to happen – like with everything that occurs in a massage, and try to experience it fully in the moment. Don’t allow yourself to focus on a climax. Just don’t worry about this either way, since this will pull you out of your experience.

Throughout a Yoni massage, you are a passive receiver, so don’t attempt to perform. The experience is all about you, so allow your masseuse to give you this gift.

Breathing techniques

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Breathing techniques will be shown to you by your masseuse that’ll help you experience your massage to its absolute fullest. Those techniques can help you relax and to become fully immersed with the sensuality of your own body and massage. Thus help you control the sexual response of your body to your massage. That means during the massage should you reach a climax, you’ll experience full-body orgasm rather than just a localised one. It also may be found by male clients that they can achieve multiple climaxes. Hence they can master those techniques and control the response of their body.

Those breathing techniques will enhance the sensuality of your full body massage. Thus also helps you relax and help you immerse yourself fully in the moment. That’ll help with balancing the energies of your body and draw your spirit, body, and mind together and reconnect them.

Where Can I Learn More?

When it comes to tantric massage, yoni techniques, and lingam techniques, as well as other tantric practices, the internet is an amazing repository of information. This website is an example of that and is loaded with information. Look around to see which of the services that we provide appeals to you the most. If you are wanting to experience the joy and wonders of  massage, then please call us. Our beautiful girls are ready to hear from you and eager to share their skills. They will provide you with the most amazing experience of full body massage. If you have questions you can ask us your questions when you call. You can also speak to your masseuse after she arrives. Whenever you decide to experience the sensual, beautiful experience of a tantric massage, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts in life.

What is tantric massage? It is among the most healing and best ways to connect with your sensual, emotional, and spiritual self. Call us today, allow one of our girls to come out and help you completely unlock your full sensual potential.

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