A London tantric massage is a type of Erotic massage – when you hear erotic massage it might conjure up some less than attractive ideas. Something seedy and not a million miles away from prostitution is often what a London tantric massage is likened to. Tantric massage has earned (unfairly) a bad reputation and this is about putting the record straight. If you’ve not had a tantric massage then sometimes other peoples opinions can create a prejudice.

The aim here is to give you a no-holds barred insight into tantric massage, what to expect and why it’s a healthy and positive lifestyle choice for anyone. Men, women and couples regardless of belief system, sexual orientation or race.

About London Tantric Massage

Yes, a London tantric massage is very sexy and sensual. The masseuses who offer this service tend to be naturally beautiful. But tantric massage is not just about sexual gratification, it is so much more. It’s a type of massage that is arousing by nature as it is focused on helping release sexual tension.

Have you ever had a super intense orgasm that really had an impact on you? We mean a sexual climax that has, in the truest sense of the word, lit your whole body up? Such intoxicating erotic nights are not uncommon in tantric massage. Because of this, many people who have experienced this form of sexual experience wants to re-experience it again!  This is a form of tantric experience. It’s where your mind and whole body get involved in the moment and your body is flooded with those feel. Good endorphins in a climax of explosive proportions that goes on, typically for a lot longer than a typical orgasm.

Tantric massage aims to get you to this super orgasmic point easier and more frequently. So whether you struggle to orgasm, never have had an orgasm or want to prolong your orgasms for more intense sensations and experiencing whole body climaxes, then tantric massage is your tool of erotic exploration.

London Tantric Massage Experience

Why Choose A London Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is not just about loosening your physical muscles and getting your body into that much needed relaxed state. Erotic massages can resolve and remove tensions – both physical stress and those of a sexual or spiritual nature.

The tantra massage is for all people who want to experience their own sensuality. It’s not a sexual service as a transition – its about a deeper connection that is uncrushed and respectful. This is a quality erotic experience. The roles are clearly set: there are givers and takers. The recipient of the massage does not touch the giver – in your case the masseuse – but gives himself completely to his own feelings. And yes, it is true: The tantric massage does include massaging the genitals.

The female sex organ is referred to as the yoni , the penis is called the lingam, and any good tantric massage will include these areas. Some specific massage actually tend to focus on them (see Yoni Massage and Lingam massage in the Light Tantra massage menu for more details). But ALL tantric massages will have some intimate connection to trigger your sexual energy.

There are 36 different massage techniques that can be done to the Lingam alone. The special form of the massage has nothing to do with prostitution – its a professional massage with a highly sensual element. Do not be embarrassed by your sexuality or desire to experience an erotic event with a beautiful masseuse. As Just Timberlake once said – “We’re Bringing Sexy Back”.

What Is The Goal Of A London Tantric Massage?

With a London tantric massage, it often happens that the client is surprised by the new experience. Some people report that they have never been so attentively touched before. You will be massaged, touched and relaxed in very intimate ways. The body has the freedom to feel what it wants during the Tantric massage. We all have different sexual preferences and we all have different erogenous zones. The masseuse will pay close attention to what pleases you. Just let your body react.

Although the penis (Lingam) & yoni (Vagina) is massaged, to orgasm is not mandatory. There is no performance pressure within the massage and some clients climax more than once, that is also fine. The time is yours to enjoy. The masseuse wont stop the climax but she may work with you to delay it to increase the sense of erotic excitement and move you towards the whole body orgasm men and women are able to experience.

The tantric massage true goal is to create a sense of well-being in your body. And in the best case, also create access to the heightened orgasmic state that is fully physically experienced. Its about getting you into a fully relaxed and open state but one where you can be aroused without restriction.

Tantric Massage & Health – More Than “Just” Erotic

Only about 33 percent of all women (yes that’s a 3rd of ALL women) regularly have an orgasm during sex . About 4.3 million men in the UK are struggling with impotence. Medication has limited impact and it’s known that this frustrating dysfunction of often triggered by emotional and sexual blockages. Issues that need to be solved.

A tantric massage is a sensual massage that can help those affected to re-experience their own body. People who have problems with their own physicality, who experience too little closeness in their relationship, or who have difficulty in physically approaching others, can rediscover their sexuality during a Tantric massage.

Tantric Massage Is Just A Therapy Then?

Not at all, tantric massage can (and we think it should) be a part of a normal, heathy sexual experience. This is a massage that promotes sensuality and erotic release.

How Does A Tantric Massage Work?

Well first choose what tantric massage you’d like, there are several massages available. Often its best to go with the body to body massage if you are new to tantric. If you want to focus on the orgasmic elements then the Lingam or Yoni is probably the best type of massage to choose but there are many others.

The massage, regardless of type selected is not a race. Unlike sexual services like escorts, the aim is not to finish things in record time. This is a dedicated time where the time slot is offered exclusively to you. No shortcuts or races needed. You might want to talk with your masseuse and highlight any issues or concerns you have. Also taking some time to get to know someone who is going to be naked and intimate with you. This can sometimes help put you at ease.

Being calm and trusting is important. A tantric massage is not just touch, it will address and work with all your senses. Some massages (like BDSM Massage and Tie & Tease) will restrict some of your senses (sight an an example) to enhance other ones. It’s a little like eating at a 5 start restaurant, the taste of the meal is important but looking at how it is presented trigger expectation of the taste, the smell or the food triggers salivation and increases desire for the food. Tantric massage operates in the same way but on an erotic and more physical level.

Tantric Ambience

The ambience of your massage is also important and the Tantrika (Tantric Masseuse) will bring everything she needs to set the mood for the massage. Silks to cover lamps and create a more subdued lighting, massage oil (unscented) to create a platform for her hands and other body parts to connect with yours and ambient music to add sonic delights.

The actual massage itself is typically done post shower so for hygiene the masseuse and client are both fully clean for the body to body contact with each other. Then warm water is also a precursor to relaxing muscles making for a more pleasant massage experience and leading to faster muscle stress release.

The massage itself is full body so from top of head to tips of toes and all areas between. Every part of the body will be massaged and given attention (unless you instruct the masseuse not to.) A typical massage lasts 1 hour as it does take time for arousal to naturally build and it is best not to rush the experience.

Length Of Erotic Massage

Typically, it takes around 45 minutes for a woman to open her Yoni. Gents tend to be faster anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. That’s why we do offer a 30 minute massage period, it is only suitable for those on a tight timescale and who are confident that they can reach arousal within that time frame.

Also, rather obviously, the longer the massage, the deeper the state of relaxation. This is better for whole body orgasms – not rushing to climax is always recommended for maximum physical and psychological engagement. As well as genital massage nail and prostate areas can also be massaged – depending on the massage selected. All designed to maximise the erotic experience and move it to a more spiritual level in the spirit of tantra.

After the massage ritual, the recipient can rest  and take some time to enjoy the sensations and  enjoy the afterglow feel of the massage. It’s also recommended to shower or bathe after to get rid of massage oil and further relax after the tantric massage ritual.

Tantric Massage In London – How Will It Make You Feel?

Imagine being able to completely let go. And you are passive in the massage, you are encourage to relax and focus on the moment. Every part of your body is attended too. You feel the pleasure in you begin to slowly build and rise in waves.

Your mind need to released, this time for you where you don’t focus on  everyday worries, pressure to perform or the expectations of others are also removed from the session. You just have to lie back, relax and let your body do what it wants to do.

Give yourself to the masseuse and let her touch and mould your body with her body. Some liken the feeling to electrical pulses or tingles, it’s this energy that builds. If you feel on the edge of climax, the masseuse will take indicators from what you say and how your body responds. They would like to be able to hold your climax on the edge for you, rather than an immediate release.

The more energy builds, the more of your body is involved in the experience. You will feel how the pleasure builds up.then when it discharges, it will be into an explosive orgasm that shakes you from head to toe. This holistic sense of pleasure is called tantra ecstasy. It feels different with each person. It is the philosophy of Tantra that the state of highest energy is sought, that is what a good tantric massage aims to generate for you. The feeling of happiness it gives can also be taken into everyday life.

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