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At Tantric Massage London UK we offer you the possibility of enjoying an erotic massage and a unique experience. We offer an outcall massage service in and around central London.  The masseuse will come and visit you in your hotel or private residence so you can enjoy your erotic massage without having to venture out.

Alternatively you can contact us and select to visit a masseuse as an incall appointment. Speak with the friendly reception team to see which masseuse is closest you.  Only available for central London hotels and residences (Heathrow with a surcharge and pre-booking.)

Why Choose an Outcall Massage London Service

From the tantric philosophy the body is a sacred temple that must be venerated and pleased. For this, knowing the keys of tantric massage is fundamental. If you cannot come to us, then it would be a disservice to tantra NOT to come to you.

Our mobile massage in London aims to untangle the energy blocked by the whole body and awaken the “Kundalini”, sexual energy that is inside us. And that, when channeled and expanded throughout our body, becomes a great sensory experience . According to Eastern doctrine, this energy can unlock certain emotional states and fears, which will undoubtedly improve and intensify the sexual experience.

Through the tantric massage, the seven chakras or points of sexual energy are activated, propitiating the healing of the body. That is why this massage goes a step beyond erotic massage, since its goal is not sexual but sensual and spiritual, that is, seeks to enhance the sensations . So it must be an experience of connection with our own body .

Outcall Massage London – All our hot and sexy tantric masseuses are fully qualified, they know what pleases and delights you. Choose the best tantric massage therapist in London – there are several beauties for you to choose from. We do like to spoil you with choice.

outcall massage london

Our professional massage therapists know that one of the keys of tantric massage is time, since its execution must be carried out calmly, without haste , while promoting a strong state of relaxation. We save some time by makings ourselves accessible to visit with you.

This type of massage is expressed with a lot of tenderness and care, through soft and slow movements and with light pressures. By choosing our mobile massage therapists, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a sensual massage in your home or hotel room.

In addition, during the tantric massage, breathing is essential, and must be deep and diaphragmatic.

Another key to take advantage of this massage is the importance of focusing on the present moment with the five senses. And of course, let yourself flow to the rhythm of the relaxing massage.

Benefits of a mobile tantric massage

When we talk about tantric massage we must bear in mind that the benefits that can be obtained are not only physical but also psychological. This massage is good for mind AND body. It helps like this:

  • Acquire “greater awareness of one’s own body”, which helps to awaken some parts that have remained asleep or repressed.
  • Stimulate the senses.
  • Expand the ability to experience pleasure -i n our body.
  • Reencounter with oneself and, in addition, a form of “individual” and couple’s “sexual growth”
  • Relieve stress – and induce relaxation.
  • Increase “sexual” libido

What are the erogenous zones?

These are “especially sensitive areas”, whose stimulation, whether through kisses, caresses, etc., causes powerful “erotic sensations” very pleasurable. This is not solely about tissue massage, this is about engaging your body and all your senses to take you on an erotic journey.

These parts of our body react with greater sensitivity during caresses and “erotic massage“, so they should be given time and attention if we want to provoke pleasure.

The main reason that these areas of the body are more sensitive is that they are concentrated in a “large number of nerve endings”. Although the psychological component also influences that we feel more pleasure when they touch us in certain places.

What are the erogenous zones of men and women?

We leave no part of your body unexplored as we take you to new erotic places. This means the massage therapy is designed to move into a sensual area.

There is a lot of talk about erogenous zones and the differences between men and women are often exaggerated.?However, research belies many “myths“bout this subject. We touch on this as an outcall massage (well the ones we offer) is a full body massage.

A “neuroscientific study”¬†published in the journal Cortex, posed the theory that our erogenous zones are found next to genital areas in one of several corporal “maps” within our brain and that touching a part causes a “leak” of sensations in the nearby sections of the map.?

We want to trace that map all over your body and find out which parts of YOUR body like to be touched, teased and tantalised the most. We are here to de stress you and also to elevate your senses to a level of Nirvana.

What can you expect from an Outcall Massage service

The service to some degree is the same as if you visited a masseuse in her apartment (an incall appointment). The tantric massage can be from our light or dark tantra menus depending on your own personal appetite.

The masseuses are there to help you relax and some massages can include a deep tissue massage or elements of a sports massage if you wish. The erotic elements will work with you to uncover, tease and stimulate your erogenous zones.

Really, the difference is, the Tantrika does that in the comfort of your home or hotel so you have maximum attention and convenience.

Most of us have similar erogenous zones, regardless of age, culture, race, sexual orientation or gender, and that, therefore, there are no great differences between men and women.

Areas of the body considered “more erogenous”, are: nape, nipples, breasts (in women), scrotum (men), abdomen, head and hair, buttocks and back.

Booking and enjoying your outcall massage in London.

The role of the senses in eroticism and pleasure is fundamental.?Through the senses the signals of our body are transmitted to the brain and it sends its response as chemical substances that provoke different sensations, such as desire or excitement.

In short, as we see, exploring the senses in the erotic is directly related to pleasure, as it helps to get in touch with our own body – that is what tantric massage does.

Activate your erotic side, there are numerous health and wellness benefits and if nothing else, you work hard – its time to reward yourself with some time to just feel good.

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