Private massage can be very misleading, it’s something that can mean different things in different places. Although it is sensual in nature, it does not include any sexual intercourse. It does include stimulation of the private areas but sex is always off the table. Private massage is sometimes called sensual massage and erotic massage, all of which points to tantric massage.

A lot of tantric sites like Tantric Massage London offers a wide variety of tantric massages and private massage is one of them. Other famous massage types are erotic massage, nuru massage, body to body massage, etc. All of these are not massages that end in sex but it can arouse you and even give you orgasms.


Private massage is an ancient and sacred approach to sexuality, it’s enjoyable and arousing. Principles like consciousness, breathing, mindfulness, and touch are being used in this type of massage. The personal massage masseuse channels your sexual energy throughout your whole body which can bring about healing.

Before the personal massage session starts, you can communicate with your masseuse and tell her what you want to achieve from the massage, you can tell her anything so that she’ll know what to do and guide you accordingly. You can even talk openly about sex but know that it’s not part of the massage and we want to be clear about that.

When a masseuse visits you for an outcall massage, she will come with all the things that she needs to create the perfect massage space for you in your hotel or residence. Otherwise, if you choose to visit the masseuse’s place, then her welcoming, luxury apartment will be the perfect personal massage space for you in London, West London and the United Kingdom.

Rules and boundaries are important in private massage. The masseuse can even work with the limitations that you set and she’ll work with it. Your comfort is very important to her so make sure to tell her anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. Our personal massage masseuses are all professionals and they care about even the small details to give you the best experience possible.

  • Touch. If you are experiencing any pain or have any injury, let the masseuse know so she can adjust the massage accordingly. Make sure to tell her this before the start of the massage so that she’ll know immediately what to avoid during the massage session. You can even guide her while the massage is ongoing.
  • Intensity. We all have preferences when it comes to the intensity of each touch. You can also be open to your masseuse about this.
  • Nakedness. Tantric massages are usually executed with you and the masseuse both naked, this is so she can properly channel her sexual energy to you and make the massage easier. This also removes the barrier between you and the masseuse which can further improve your erotic experience.


Overall, private massage does not necessarily include sex in London, West London and the United Kingdom. There are far more benefits of tantric massage than just the routine and unsatisfying experience of sex. This is because you can immerse yourself in an experience where sex is off the table and you can focus on the sensual feelings from the tantric massage.

A tantric massage or private massage is executed with eroticism as one of the main goals, and sex is not the ending. Yes, a lot of the clients can experience orgasm or happy ending and that’s completely fine.

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