Soapy Massage in London is all about achieving the most physical contact, increasing the sensation of pleasure that is mutual for both you and the Tantric masseuse. This is usually performed in the bath or shower and is a great cleansing tool when preparing for a Tantric massage.


During a soapy massage in London, both you and the masseuse are fully naked for this type of Tantric massage to be effective. One of the advantages of this type of massage is that it’s you who decides and guides the masseuse to the areas that are most pleasurable for you.

The soapy massage begins with a suggestive shower that allows the sensuality and erotic energy to grow in intensity; here, both you and the masseuse can touch each other so that you’ll get to know each other’s body. Next, the massage is executed with a special soap to enhance the sensations of the touches. Using her hands, the masseuse will create a foam from the soap and she will use it to massage every area of your body.

A professional masseuse uses different types of massage strokes and even different parts of her intimate body during a soapy massage in London, this works with different Tantric massage techniques, especially in some areas of the body such as the breasts, buttocks, belly, and hands. The result is a moment of intense enjoyment where every area of your skin becomes an erotic energy emitter and receiver.

Soapy Massage In London And Its Tantric Benefits


The soapy massage uses a great amount of erotic and sensory techniques; the use of the whole body of the masseuse in the execution makes the enjoyment and pleasure on your part reach very high levels.

Soapy massage is considered an active massage since you have to change postures very often and the masseuse can direct her touch towards the areas that produce more erotic energy. That is, you can go from being an ‘observer’ to a participant. This is a great way to connect with your chosen masseuse in an intimate and personal way and is one of the best ways to refresh yourself from the stress of everyday life.

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