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Kinky Fantasy Massage

Fantasy massage is all about role play is an excellent method way enliven your sex drive! Naturally, adult role play is even better when it’s built into a sensual tantric massage! Leave the demanding world behind and unwind into the sanctuary of sensuous happiness. Maybe you want to lie back and enjoy a spiritual sexual massage, or perhaps you want to check out and go deeper into some super sexy fantasy & adult role play? Whatever your choice, your fetish, or your sexual electrical wiring, you can talk with your Tantric masseuse about methods to satisfy and play together.

Our expert tantric masseuses have several years of experience in sensuous satisfaction, sexual recovery, kinky play, and spiritual sexuality practices. The Tantrikas who provide Dark Tantric massages are sensuous, lively, enthusiastic, and prepared to lead you into the depths of awareness and create a happy connection.

Who Is?A Fantasy Massage For?

Open to all genders and sexual preferences, this is a shrine for your body and soul — it’s someplace to play, to broaden, to commemorate the art of sexual massage and to reveal your enthusiasm and deep desires.

When dealing with one another, it’s crucial that you have a connection, that you are focused and enjoying yourself in the moment, and share the experience together. This can be achieved through light meditation, breath awareness, and eye contact as part of the process. This will take you much deeper, and permit a more effective, more linked, and unforgettable experience.

Fantasy role play, for those readers that are not acquainted with the term, is a kind of fetish or sexual fantasy where the male or female takes on another personality or role within the preferred scenario. It can be as simple as wearing another outfit or costume or using different tools or equipment. This is intended for grownups that causes sensuous satisfaction. Add in a tantric massage and you’ve the recipe for an awesome and satisfying time.

Role play massages can be in any flavour you like and below are some of our most popular role play massages to give you some ideas. Do not feel limited to the below, with notice, our masseuses can usually make any role play fantasy and reality for you.

Top 10 Role Play Massages

1. The Schoolgirl

It’s probably not a surprise that a schoolgirl role play takes the number 1 spot. There are thousands of searches for schoolgirl adult films, outfits and services on the web every month. There is simply something about guys and their incredibly effective lustful desire to have actually a massage done by a very hot and kinky schoolgirl. The outfit is just the beginning, do you want hot and naughty, shy and demure, or something else? Let your masseuse know the schoolgirl fantasy you have in mind and she’ll play the part for your tantric massage. Have a masseuse dress as a schoolgirl and enjoy an incredible erotic massage.

2. The Teacher

We believe that almost everybody on the planet has had that very hot instructor or college teacher that has caused either a stuffy or wet panties and acting out that fantasy can actually work marvels for an unforgettable tantric massage. Do you want to be seduced into a massage or do you want to be the one to be in the driving seat? Let your masseuse know for the perfect role play massage.

3. The Nurse

Men have a thing for hot nurses, and particularly sexy nurses in uniform. There are thousands of videos online of hot nurses going to town on their clients. A medical massage with a very attractive tantrika can be the perfect role play massage for you as she works on getting rid of those aches and pains all over your body.

nurse role play massage

4. Sexy Doctor

Hey ladies there is some medical evidence that suggests that there are reasons why you find Doctors hot, but this role play is for women. If Nurses are for men then Doctors are for women. Let Dr feelgood get his hands on you for the best erotic role play massage.

5. The Virgin

Sweet and innocent to the ways of the world, there is something in our carnal nature that makes even the thought of a virgin inflame our libido like nothing else. Even the hottest and most experienced women were Virgins once, relive their first time with a naked man with them as they go to town with a naked body to body massage with you.

6. The Dominatrix

This is the real control massage, no cruelty but some firmness, let your sexy dominatrix take control of the role play massage, she’ll tell you where to go and what to do and she may even tease you. The outfits for this role play massage are super sexy. If being dominated is your thing then this is a great visual introduction. If you want a more detailed massage then choose the BDSM or Mistress Massage.

7. Movie Star

How about being characters from a Movie? You can play out the scene of your choice and your tantric masseuse will integrate the massage into the scene for you – they are incredibly creative.

8. Boss / Office Colleague / Secretary

Many of us have fantasized about that hottie in the office and what we would do given half the chance. Your masseuses roleplay clothing might be anything from a genuine, official work clothing to a skimpy secretary number. This offers a lot of role play oportunity, you decide the scene and your Tantika will play the role to perfection.

From the young interview prospect who is desperate to land her dream job? at interview to the difficult employer who requires enhanced efficiency, this is one roleplay that’s sure to be as kinky as you want it! Whether you’re into being dominant or submissive, your Tantrika will supply exceptional workplace satisfaction!

9. French Maid

A dream come to life for numerous guys, the French housemaid outfit is a traditional staple of roleplay. This roleplay attire is generally a black gown with white trim in addition to an apron and house maid’s hat. A plume feather duster finishes the appearance! Ooh-la-la! Your Masseuse can be a bossy French housemaid who requires a tidy home. Additionally, she might be the shy type who wants to be helpful in more ways than merely cleaning the furnishings! You can even schedule a French accented masseuse for the complete experience!

10. Stripper

How about having the clothes taken off in a sensuous way, lap dance, pole dance, sensual dancing as with each slide, wiggle and thrust another item of clothing comes off. You’re both going to be naked for the body to body tantric massage so why not add a striptease role play into the massage. Trust us, you’ll be begging for some contact as the Tantrika visually stimulates you.

These are simply some recommendations to ignite your cravings, role play has to do with what matters to you, we are all tuned on by various things so have a chat with our friendly receptionists and they will see exactly what they can do to realise you your ideal role play massage dream and chat with the masseuses on your behalf.

We do suggest advance reservations for role play massages so the masseuse has time to prepare her attire best for you!


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