Foot Fetish Massage

Foot Fetish Massage

A foot fetish massage is a sensuous massage that is focused on those sexy feet. Each foot fetish massage is different as it is tailored to what the client wants. A fetish includes sexual stimulation from a body part, object, scene, or scenario. The fetish may be fantasy-play or based upon truth. Of all the fetishes, the footwear and more specifically the foot fetish are the most typical ones in Western society. Imagine remaining in a completely sexually fixated state. Just rather than focusing on an individual, your sexual driver includes feet … it is among the most typical sexual fetishes and we honour that.

A male or female with a foot fetish may wish to worship your feet, suck on your toes, massage your feet, have you walk over them, or have you rub your high heels or stocking feet in their face. The foot fan might be focused on the shapes and size of your foot, your toe nails, your shoes, and the aroma of your feet. They might likewise prefer to stroke your feet.

Foot Fetish & Foot Worship

Foot fetish or foot worship isn’t really a true fetish – fetishes are among the most misinterpreted sexual desires. The case of the foot fetish is a typical example of this. It’s in fact not a fetish,? it’s a case of partialism. Partialism is a where an individual has special desire for a specific body part. Do you like a great bottom, a fabulous pair of legs, or how about a? juicy set of boobs? Feet might not fall under this classification for you, as they do for a great deal of individuals.

A fetish, however, is where a person has actually learnt how to connect erotic significance to a things or behaviour that may not seem typically sexual in nature. Common fetish items are shoes, underwear / lingerie, and products made from rubber, plastic, or leather. In most cases, it’s the touch and/or smell of an item that’s more of an aphrodisiac than the things itself. A foot fetish is in some cases more about the odour of feet than simply the feet themselves.

Why A Foot Fetish Massage?

Tantra and reflexology aside, a great foot massage is really worth it’s weight in gold. Think of the many times you’ve ended a hectic day with throbbing feet and a much deeper, desperate desire to have the dull pains eased with somebody’s caressing touch. Foot massages can come in all shapes and sizes. They can culminate in an erotic ending but how it begins can offer several routes to that perfect foot massage.

A deep, sports massage will differ from a light, priming tease, for instance, and foot worship will differ from sensuous foreplay or a more genital focus that you might find with a Lingam massage. When booking a Foot Fetish London Massage, communicate exactly what you desire from your foot massage prior to getting started and you can be sure, the Tantrika will listen and perform what will delight you.

Massage is as much about intent and efficiency as it is technique but the Tantrikas here at Tantric Massage London are experts. Interaction is essential and self-confidence to be open about what it is that you want and what specifically turns you on. Know that you have a goal and follow it and you are on your way to having the best foot fetish massage you’ve ever had.

Foot fetish massage foot worship

Making the most of your Foot Fetish Massage

You may not want a complete, full blown foot massage, maybe its just a part of a naked body to body naked massage with a Foot job being the piece de resistance for you. What is a foot job? well think about a hand job but swap your hands for your feet – A footjob is a non-penetrative sexual practice with the feet that includes one’s feet being rubbed on a partner in order to cause sexual enjoyment, stimulation or orgasm. Sometimes it can be part of a foot fetish. Whether that’s Lingam or Yoni is up to you entirely. Having a foot fetish is not limited to only one gender.

Foot Fetish Tools For Massage

All excellent massages begin with the right tools. For a foot massage you’ll have to have a towel to hand. This may be used to prop the feet up or to dry and warm your feet. Why a towel? Since many fantastic massages include oil it helps to have something to catch the excess residue…..Or you can have some soap if you wish to blend things up and have a soapy massage with your foot worship.

Oil permits the Tantrikas hands to move over skin with more ease and enables you both to go on without a worry of friction or cutting things short. It likewise feels delicious! Oil can be heated up for extra slippery side while our oils have the tendency to be non fragrant however you can use fragrant oils if you like the extra aromatics.

A bowl of warm water and a flannel is a great touch too — sometimes the act of loving the feet and giving them a focused cleanse ahead of the massage can be a warm and erotic experience – or perhaps you ‘d like to get up close and personal with your masseuses feet, include a shared massage experience to really take things to a new level of excitement. The Tantrika will think about atmosphere and mood — Music? Dimmed lights? Candles? The option is yours – simply let our masseuses understand exactly what your state of mind is so they can set the environment perfectly for you.

A General Foot (& Body) Massage

A simple foot massage can be brief or elongated, but below it will explain some of the foot fetish massage elements that can be included if you wish.


– Wash the feet if preferred and dry them with patting movements. Ensure the feet are dry and then ready the massage oil.

– Start with a little oil, spread it amongst both hands uniformly, and carefully begin rubbing a single foot in between your hands. Keep your fingers on the top area and then use your hands to examine the sole carefully, discovering exactly what your partner delights in. Your Tantrika will use different stokes and pressures to find out what you like

– Then relocate to some more user-friendly movements. Take long rubbing and touching movements she might part the toes with her fingers if you want. This sensitive area between the toes can be ticklish so let the Tantrika know if you like it or prefer a firmer touch.

– As the massage progresses the Tantrika may use her thumbs, swirling and kneading into especially pleasing locations for you.

– Something that can really ease the feet is the use of knuckles on the soles of the feet, a gentle kneading? pressure, all the time your masseuse will be looking for feedback and changing her movements appropriately.

– When done carefully pat off any excess oil and carry on to whatever actions you had actually prepared in the consequences.

An Expanding Foot Fetish Massage

Practicing the above is a great basis for all foot massages, however from there you can do more. A foot focused massage can move outwards from there, including more of the body but with the option to go back to the feet.


– Move up from the feet to the delicate location of the ankles. Work carefully in circles, work on each side changing pressure as is wanted.

– Give attention to the Achilles tendon (gently)

– Sweep your hands along the calves and use your thumbs in long movements prior to working more intentionally up and down the calf with both thumbs in circular movements.

A Foot Worship Massage

This is Foot worship massage honours the feet and is connected to foot fetishism and might have a level of dominance included. For many clients this will be about touching and honouring the masseuses feet.


– It’s recommended to use not only an scent free but edible oil for this.

– Kiss the tops of the? feet tenderly as you work gently rubbing the sole and edges of their feet, breaking just to verbalize your affection (and submission).

– Lick the feet in sweeping movements, sucking movements, with different degrees of pressure in various areas. Work playfully in between the toes and use lube or oil for this if you choose.

– Suck the toes between licks and kisses, always remembering to let them understand and be subservient to these beautiful feet.

The Happy Ending Foot Fetish Massage

After a foot massage a towel down might be all that is required or another wash might be needed. If the latter holds true you might want to hop in the bath or shower. Ultimately, during or post the foot fetish massage, the aim is to reach a perfect sensuous peak and that for many, is a happy ending. How you get to that point during your foot fetish massage is entirely up to you.

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