Mutual Massage

Mutual Massage

Mutual Massage London

Not may Tantric Massage London agencies offer a mutual massage but we have been asked so many times for this, it seemed a disservice not to offer the massage. ?What is a mutual massage? Simple, this is where you get and get to give a sensual massage with your chosen masseuse.

If you want to enjoy caressing and touching all over the body of a gorgeous masseuse then this is the session that you will enjoy the most.

Doing a mutual massage with your partner is one thing but having the change to practice on a real tantric masseuse offers all sorts of wonderful benefits. It also adds a very sensual dimension to the massage.

In most tantric massage appointments, it?s important that you, as the client, lay back and relax. This means quelling your natural desire to reach out and touch the masseuse. Being passive in an erotic environment where we are normal more active can sometimes be a challenge.

Remaining passive and just letting the massage experience wash over you is highly recommend as we all tend to have too many demands and expectations placed on us. BUT saying that, if you want to get your hands on your masseuse and show her some moves and even learn some new ones, then the mutual massage is the perfect way to experience that.

The Process of Mutual Massage

If you?re booking a mutual massage, it?s not available for less than an hour and to be honest, if you want to make the most of it, allow 90 minutes as a minimum. What you don?t want to do is feel rushed and miss out on all that extra tantric enjoyment.

You can go first or you can let the masseuse do the massage, it?s up to you. There is nothing better than having some time together after your tantric massage than to spend some time with your masseuse. It?s the perfect extension or way to end your erotic massage.

mutual massage london

Typically the masseuse will be begin your chosen massages as she normally does. Taking care to set the mood and work on those muscles to get you fully relaxed, ready for the sensual build up and focus on the erogenous zones towards the end of your massage.

It?s often during this time that the desire to touch the masseuse is at its height. With a mutual massage this is permissible but remember this is a mutual massage. It?s not an invite to grab and grope. In the spirit of tantra it?s about sharing an erotic experience.

Your masseuse is naked and vulnerable so it?s important you approach the mutual massage respectfully, in the same way she is respectful and honouring your body. So keep the conversation and communication going so you know what is and is not welcome.

An outright assault on her erogenous zones will not be a very good start to this. As your masseuse does for you, that means concentrate on touching the whole body. Vary your touch and pressure, aim to share pleasure. Check her responses and determine what is giving your her pleasure. She can tell you but also check and watch for her bodies reactions.

Benefits Of A Mutual Massage

A mutual massage means being able to touch one another at the same time. It can greatly enhance the massage experience for you. This type of erotic massage will really allow a sense of closeness with your masseuse.

It is this intimacy that can really elevate your experience of the tantric massage. It will allow you to break down barriers and it can definitely bring some added benefits to your personal relationships. The masseuse can guide you on how to massage and how to vary your touch in a way that a woman really enjoys. It?s about teaching you some new tricks as all women like to be touched in slightly different ways. You get to practice this sensual massage with an expert who can guide you.

Take your time enjoying your massage and helping your masseuse to enjoy hers and it will help make your finale so much more enjoyable as you share the experience.

What The Mutual Massage Isn?t

This is tantric massage so it?s naked and it?s erotic and for you, it will lead to a sense of emotional well-being and physical release. Some call it a ?happy ending? but it?s sense of erotic bliss that can (and often does) lead to a climax.

When partaking in a mutual massage, you may well want to touch and caress the masseuse. Any of the masseuses who offer a mutual massage will be 100% fine with that. You may want to touch their erogenous zones. Ask and make sure the masseuse is happy with that.

What the massage is not is an invitation to penetrative sex. The masseuse may allow you to work with her Yoni and allow her to climax. She may prefer that you stay around her buttocks and breasts but not to stray near her sacred Yoni. Check with her what she is comfortable with.

But penetration with the Lingam is not on the menu, she will allow you to experience erotic pleasure but remember this is a massage, it?s not an escort service.


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