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Naked Massage London – So a nude massage is a type of tantric massage where the masseuse and the client (you) is naked. When it concerns the word ‘tantric’ you most likely currently have some presumptions in mind and a few of them most likely aren’t far from the reality (though others will be not even close). So let’s explain what happens during a nude tantric massage so you can decide if this is the right one for you.

Originally recorded as having its sources in India, a few years prior to 5AD, tantric massage is basically a kind of sensuous yoga in massage and movement. Or, at the very least that’s how it started off. As time has carried on and individuals have indeed embraced and adjusted the procedure, tantric massage has really progressed into a modern-day type of intimate massage that includes complete nudity and skin-on-skin connection between the masseuse and the recipient/s.

Tantric massage has benefited from the combining of various massage techniques and sexual practices throughout the years, with skilled specialists taking motivation and inspiration  from those around them and from their customer’s own feedback. The outcome is a varied type of sensual massage which can include Shiatsu, Swedish deep tissue strategies, BDSM, fantasy roleplay, various masseurs and masseuses working at the same time, as well as couples being massaged together.


So while there are many different types of light and dark tantra to choose from, for many a simple nude massage is the massage of choice.  The reason being that having you and the masseuse naked is enough to trigger a tantric experience. Imagine the following….

Your masseuse takes a shower to prepare for you and she is stepping out of bathroom with diamond-like drops of water shimmering all over her gorgeously naked body, you’ll see your Tantrika and you would be forgiven for thinking she has been showered in lavish gemstones.  Absolutely, beautifully nude, teasing you with the alluring curves of her perfect body, the tantric goddess will commence the nude massage with you.

She will begin your nude massage with the application of delicious, softly non fragranced oils to your skin. She will use professional massage strokes and motions designed to ease  and relax every part of your body. These delicious sensations will be amplified with her wild sensual caresses and teasing erotic play of her hands and body.

Benefits Of A Nude Massage

Naked Massage London ? The flexibility of tantric massage is just satisfied by its expert stability and spiritual effectiveness. At its core tantric massage is still an extremely spiritual practice and the experience concentrates on awakening one’s own body on a much deeper level. Whereas a lot of massages concentrate on the physical, tantric massage has the tendency to serve the psychological and spiritual too and encourages a strong sense of individual and sexual health and wellbeing. So basically, tantric massage is good for the mind and the body.

What Nude Massage Isn’t

What tantric massage definitely isn’t really is sex. Although the two areas might include comparable actions, the framework of tantric massage is a transformative journey which goes beyond standard ideas of conventional sexual interaction. It’s much better than transactional sexual exchanges as it’s not robotic or rushed. We get a lot of calls asking for full service and that’s not what tantric massage is. It is a massage and it has highly sexual and sensual aspects. It will lead to a release. A term from Asia that has been nicknamed – “A Happy Ending Massage”.

Sometimes the masseuse can get as carried away as you, the client and it’s natural for you to both become aroused. If things progress at that point, then it’s your mutual decision but it’s not part of the service that is being offered. Conversations between consenting adults is just that.

How Do I Get A Nude Massage?

Tantric massages are carried out by expert masseuses, although there are definitely some doubtful institutes service providers who you’d not be pleased patronising. To avoid a negative tantric experience here are some pointers for you.

  • Do your research, check the masseuses are being depicted accurately and also see what reviews the masseuse or the masseuse agency has.
  •  Independent masseuses can be discovered with some searches on free advert sites however for additional security a credible company is definitely worth the additional financial investment. Their staff are trained and validated for skills and personality.
  • Choose whether you want a visit or to visit the masseuse. When reserving a tantric massage you can choose to either have an Outcall (where the masseuse sees you house or a hotel) or an Incall (where you go to their workplace). Each have their own advantages though if you’re setting up an Outcall you’ll wish to ensure you ask exactly what is needed of you and your place prior to meeting up. You’ll wish to make certain that your masseuse has access to whatever she requires, after all.
  • Be wary of cheap service providers. This may be a front for an escort service and you may be at risk. You do tend to get what you pay for.

Ok, so you know what a nude massage is, you know it’s going to be an absolute delight for all your senses and you know that you have a type of masseuse you want to spend this quality time with. If you want a tantric massage other than a nude massage, take a look at the massage menu and you can find out about the other ones available.

If you?re ready to enjoy a nude massage or naked massage in London now (usually within 60 minutes if your’e keen!) then contact us or select your Tantrika and we can get you enjoying this amazing massage experience without delay.



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