Currently, we are experiencing a time of crisis when millions of people are forced to endure house arrest. Numerous pleasures that we took for granted on our lives have actually been restricted or forcibly forgotten.

Many individuals live thinking of what they will do tomorrow when the quarantine finishes. There are many alternatives, however what better than indulging in an impulse, a sexual or tantric massages that alleviates the build-up of stress?

A tantric massage after the coronavirus is an optimal and also advisable way to reconnect and reward yourself with some pure, sensual intimacy. Refresh your memory and get into contact with sexy and natural beauty that is there to honour your libido. Claim your rightful reward for the hard days that have been lived. A remarkable sensual massage that takes you to a whole new world, where only enjoyment and also arousal predominate.

After all, the mixture of an expert massage together with the sensual component that accompanies it makes it the most effective way to boost your immune system and reactivate your desires.

Soon it will be the perfect time to expand your understanding and maybe even enjoy new experiences. Release yourself to deep pleasure, let us come together to open our minds, leave prejudices, taboos as well as suspicions aside to be able to live life even more and also discover ourselves with ourselves, understanding our body and also our mind much better. You have to experience tantric massage to fully immerse yourself in the absolute pleasure it can bring you.


Numerous facilities needed to shut the day the quarantine was introduced, on March 15, 2020. Among many other companies committed to leisure, the sexual massage therapy and also tantric massage facilities had to protect against the spread of the virus, in spite of the high need from customers who requested their services.

Tantric massage centers stopped both the solutions performed in the facility itself and departures to resorts or houses, which are additionally typically offered by these businesses.

The very same occurred with our Tantric Massage London, where we stopped providing services. Nevertheless, the prep work for our reopening did not stop and also we have made the most of this amount of time to improve our services, the website and also the comfort for our future customers.


A few of the several benefits of an erotic massage therapy in London after the pandemic are:

– Soothe anxiety: clearly, the moments of privacy, as well as quarantine, have actually been hard, for many stressors, loaded with uncertainty and also anxiety, therefore, there is absolutely nothing better than a good sexual massage to kick back stress and also appreciate a relaxing ambience of tranquillity and sensual feelings that can flood your mind and body with endorphins.
– Keeping in mind pleasure: many individuals have actually been required to adhere to a tedious routine where the days were duplicated one after another without significant distinctions. This is an optimal alternative to keep in mind everything you did prior to the pandemic and regain hope for life.
– Reconnect with your very own sexuality: An additional issue in quarantine is that anxiety, stress and anxiety and also stress may have made you feel disconnected from your very own sexuality and also reduced your sex drive … So an erotic massage in London can switch on again the flame of interest, eroticism and also sexuality in you as well as make you take pleasure in these sort of experiences once more.


Despite the fact that the activity of the erotic massage therapy results can soon be reactivated, it should be taken into consideration that given the international alarm system scenario, both the function by the agencies and also the massages will certainly proceed with protection actions, these are mandatory to prevent infections.


At the Tantric Massage London premier agency, we value legal obligations to keep precaution and also establish safety nets after quarantine. These are as follows:

— Use of disinfectant gel: customers will certainly have to wash their hands (minimum) or use disinfectant gel when arriving for a massage, to prevent bringing infections from the street.
— Use footwear in the masseuses luxury apartment so as the customer, you’ll be asked to leave your shoes at the door.
— It is optional for masseuses to additionally put on a mask, we don’t recommend gloves as the tantric massage is full, naked body to body contact and this is not how the virus is passed. Masks will be available and are optional.
— Restriction on the entrance of individuals with symptoms of coughing or fever: to guarantee maximum safety and security, the masseuse gets the right to decline access to any individual with symptoms of cough or fever.
— Consistent analysis of the state of wellness of the masseuses: erotic masseuses will certainly be compelled to go through medical check-ups each month as well as at any sign of disease, they will certainly be banned from teaming up with the massage agency if they are unwell.
— Disinfectant cleaning of the massage locations – despite the fact that non-reusable material has actually always been used in massages, such as showering facilities and clean towels, deep disinfectant cleansing will be mandatory after each massage so that the following client can feel secure when enjoying the tantric delights of our masseuses.

Yes, Tantric Massage London has been closed during the crisis but we are looking at opening our doors again to clients old and new in early June as the crisis begins to ease and we cannot wait to serve you xxx

Tantric Massage London Team

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