A Sensual 4 hands massage in London is a type of relaxing massage where two masseuses are involved. They use different tantric massage techniques to ensure that you reach a state of relaxation at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

A Sensual 4 hands massage in London is based on the philosophy of Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal art of India. it is a tradition that’s widely recognized throughout the world and is a technique that is within the so-called holistic medicine which puts an individual in tune with all their spheres to achieve balance in the body.

A Sensual 4 hands massage in London given by an expert is a very relaxing and liberating experience; it allows you to release all the burdens from your daily life and the stress it causes to the rest of your body. These benefits are intensified because there are by two masseuses taking care of you.


Since there are four hands at work in a Sensual 4 hands massage in London, the movements are almost the same so you can freely abandon yourself to total relaxation. There two types of 4 hands massage:


This is when the two masseuses perform the same movements as each other but in a contra-lateral way, like they are looking at a mirror.


This is when each masseuse performs free movements in different areas of the body. For example, one may be working on the back while the other is working on the legs.

Although there are two different types, it’s apparent that the four hands massage works twice as much as a normal tantric massage. Its sensory effects are incomparable and above all, it has a spectacular relaxing effect.


Why You’ve Got To Try A Sensual 4 Hands Massage In London

One of the benefits of a Sensual 4 hands massage in London is that it generates a feeling of well-being, where a certain level of harmony is experienced, helping people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

As an alternative therapy, the Sensual 4 hands massage in London also helps improve your concentration, giving you a feeling of tranquillity and serenity that you require in order to master all the spheres of your life. It’s a good therapy to stabilize your mood.

For people with muscle problems due to their occupation, it is also a good treatment. The circulation is stimulated in different parts of the body which helps strengthen the immune system. The musculature allows you to relax while expelling the toxic components that tire the muscle, this is carried into the body circulation and then metabolized and eliminated.

In turn, the 4 hands massages allow the lymph to flow more quickly and easily, improving lymphatic drainage, which allows removing excess water from the body, sweeping toxins from the body, and helping to quickly mobilize the cellular and humoral elements of the immune system.


The Sensual 4 hands massage in Tantric Massage London is a unique sensory experience. It is carried out by two masseuses in total synchrony using various techniques that involve their hands, hair, body, feet, breathing, etc. Our masseuses are prepared to provide you with an unforgettable experience and complete relaxation to help you combat the stress, burden, and the monotony of everyday life.

The Sensual 4 Hands massage in London is also recommended for those people who have anxiety and sexual impotence. This type of massage helps improve your wellbeing thanks to the specialized techniques used to massage the key areas of your body. You will experience the sensations of a 4 hands massage throughout your body which will gradually relax and release the contracture of each of your muscles in a comprehensive way so you will feel pleasant sensations that will remove all the tensions from the body.

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