Yoni massage is a type of tantric massage that focuses on the female genital area, it is based on the belief that the “Yoni” is an important spiritual aspect of the universe. Ancient tantra beliefs teach us to worship the “Yoni” and to consider it sacred.

Women played significant roles in human history. In fact, some of them were depicted as goddesses, beings that are not of this world. Even today, women are still considered as one of the most powerful forces in the world, there is no doubt that without women, the world would be different.

More than anyone else, it is women who can easily connect and perceive things that are spiritual and psychological. They understand the soul and they can fathom some of the mysteries of this world. This is why ancient tantric traditions worship them.


Yoni massage uses ancient tantra techniques that will make your mind and body feel relaxed before you experience an intense orgasm. The massage consists mainly of sensual touches that are adapted based on your needs. It’s a journey that should not be rushed and be experienced moment by moment.

The yoni massage usually starts with a relaxing massage followed by a series of erotic movements and techniques to awaken your sexual energy. Your erogenous zones are also included until you reach a heightened sense of pleasure.

Sometimes, a yoni massage is called a “lesbian massage” because it usually happens between two women. This is because no one knows a woman’s body more than a woman does; it will also bring more comfort to both the participants.

When you book a yoni massage with Tantric Massage London, you will be in the hands of a professional who is an expert in the spiritual and physical aspects of the massage. She will make you experience a peaceful yet intense pleasure so you can once again reconnect with yourself and harness your sexual energy.


A sacred spiritual union is one of the main beliefs in Tantra.  It does not simply seek physical pleasure but strives to establish a sacred connection between two people. It’s something deeper than sex itself as it focuses mainly on the spiritual aspect of a person.

Yoni massage teaches us that how a person can experience pleasure is not only limited to their physical body. Rather, the body is being used to reach a dimension of our being that can offer bigger and better possibilities when it comes to experiencing pleasure.

As you go through the yoni massage experience, you will see yourself being deeply connected with your masseuse. It paves a way to unify both your feelings and your physical pleasure. It opens up the door to a whole new type of sexuality that you never thought would be possible.


A yoni massage is a type of tantric massage that connects you with another woman. This makes it easier for you to communicate with her and for her to understand you when it comes to physical pleasure.

It’s common for a woman to experience several orgasms during the whole course of the massage. Every time you do, the masseuse will guide you to some breathing exercises and will use some techniques to restore your respiratory rhythm so you can go back to experiencing the same amount of pleasure again.

It’s important to note, though, that orgasm is not the main goal of a yoni massage but having it would be fantastic. Make it your goal to enjoy every moment of the massage rather than just thinking of the ending.


Before a yoni massage starts, you will be asked to take a bath or shower to relax your body. The masseuse will prepare the massage area for you by lighting up some candles, playing soft music, and making sure the temperature is just right.

During a yoni massage, the masseuse will take cues from your body so she will be guided on what to do next. Don’t rush yourself, enjoy the whole process until you reach the point of orgasm.


If you are someone who is struggling with cramps during menstruation, yoni massage can be a great solution because it relaxes your pelvic and improves your blood flow. Aside from that, you will also be more energetic because both your mind and body undergo awakening. The orgasms you experience are twice pleasurable than that of a regular massage which will significantly improve your sex life.

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